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  1. Well TCH may not use Boxtrapper, or it may be getting turned-off bit-by-bit, but it is active on my setup + I'm certainly NOT complaining. - It has certainly caused some people wanting to irritate me a hell of a lot more irritation than they've caused me ... It is a shame about that mailer-daemon exploit though. - I'm currently experimenting with the mailing account (basically mail-boxes feature to see if I can bounce people trying the above... Oh, + thanks for your advice to all who have answered my query. - It is appreciated.
  2. If anyone else is looking at this subject, there is a .cgi script that will actually work! If you are not using Front Page + absolutely NEED form collection, then use cgiemail. - Goto: http://web.mit.edu/wwwdev/cgiemail/ for more details + to download the binaries (they download as text files, but don't worry + DON'T append/remove anything from their name or their extension!). The binaries then go into your .cgi folder + you just need an email template to match your form + you're about sorted. - The above site gives you all the info you will need. PM me if you are struggling or nee
  3. Just recently I have been using the Boxtrapper feature of cPanel to limit spam mail to my account. The snag is that some bright spark has discovered that they can use mailer-daemon@mysite.com to bypass this AND make their virused emails look like they have actually come from mail@mysite.com. I have tried playing around with the different settings on my site to prevent this, but have been totally unable to do anything about this problem without shooting myself in the foot at the same time (which is part + parcel of using this particular exploit, I know) so I am wondering if anyone has a
  4. Seems I was trying to use a wrong version of Form Mail (got about 50 scripts at the moment, including some of my own stuff) that I have been trying to get to work on the TCH servers with no success. Anyway, the UFM that everyone here has been going on about (the CORRECT one ) DOES work + does NOT involve any .cgi setup. - Excellent! All I need to do now is work out how to get something (hell, ANYTHING) working through the .cgi setup on the TCH servers + I will be very happy indeed... Thank-you everybody!
  5. I am not really up-to-date on .php but that sounds like a good idea, especially if it can do for me what .asp can. I have been trying to get .cgi going for 3 days now on TCH + it is beginning to annoy me a little, 'though a number of people are trying to help on this (thanks).
  6. OK, a brief list: @-form, Soupermail, Mail Form, + Mail To to name a few. In all cases I have checked the path in the Perl files, ensuring that is #!/usr/bin/perl -or- #!/usr/local/bin/perl + have saved the files making sure that they have been saved in ASCII format. The uploaded .cgi files have been uploaded to my cgi-bin folder in binary + I have also tried having them in the scgi-bin folder. I have then used CHMOD on them to 755. I have changed any variables that had to be changed to reflect my site setup, matched any form fields that had to follow a certain criteria, + d
  7. Have now discovered why I cannot run my own scripts on the server. a:) I do not have access permissions to do this! (TCH, what the HELL is the point of this?!) This is just totally crazy. - Even my FREE ISP offers support for 3rd party scripts!!! Form Mail does NOT work, either. - It is (guess what) not allowed (+, yes, I DID CHMOD it, + ensured that the upload was in binary). - I'm going to find a different host, because this is ridiculous. - Your help + service is excellent (apart from the online help not being accessible when it is indicated as being online), but the setup sucks
  8. I think I have now got the FP side of things sussed now, but it would require re-writing my pages using FP, which I do not want to do. As for form scripts, I have looked at about a dozen today + (put simply) they will not work on TCH servers. - Very dissapointing. In the past I have had no problems getting .cgi to work on all kinds of servers, but all I can ever get from the TCH servers are a 500 internal server error (which could mean anything) + a 404 not found (which is caused by having no custom error pages setup on my account). So until I can figure out what the servers have
  9. Probably going to get into trouble here for multiple posts or something , but I should have added to my last reply-post that I need to know what to add AND how to add whatever it is to my form. To explain a bit more clearly: I have <form name="" method="post" action=""> (with a couple of values missing, that I can put in later), so what do I do now to make those nice FrontPage extensions take whatever information someone puts into my form + email it to me or the mail-server in my cPanel? I know that you can also use mailto in forms, but this is now being deprecated + can no
  10. Thanks for that, + my apologies about Formail. - It looks to be a different script to the one I was thinking of, which is very accommodating when it comes to spoofing attacks + spamming attacks, etc.. I've got to admit that I am not keen on FP. - I hate the way that it writes the page code in a way that makes it virtually impossible to modify things without screwing the whole thing up. - Notepad rocks!!
  11. How the heck do I get advanced forms to work on sites hosted by you?! To be specific, I need something that will allow me to gather information from forms. - I know that I cannot use .asp because you do not use Windows servers, but I cannot find any information ANYWHERE on configuring FrontPage extensions. - All I can find is that is easy, easy, easy but no-one actually knows how! .cgi is another answer, apparently, but I am finding using .cgi on the TCH sites to be a major pain in the u-know-what (is it this weird NT variant?), + I do not want to use Formail because of the extreme sec
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