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  1. Mike, I am in Arnhem. To the north of you
  2. I am here for abt two or three weeks now and I do know what you mean... I MUST look at these forums at least a couple off times a day....
  3. Spike, As a dutchman myself I have to answer this a bit I think the hosting won't be the problem. The question is, is he able to change the nameservers on his domain? He has to change them to point them to the TCH nameservers. If he is able to do that, i don't think there would be a problem. I must say I've chosen a .com name to avoid this situation. As far as connection time. I haven't experienced any problems with connection.. I darn fast! I am sure other, more experienced members will have a say on this..
  4. As a neighbour and also a voluntary fireman my condolences go out for all the pple involved. I saddening who's sometimes these things can go so terrible wrong:(
  5. Hi Mike, I'm also investagating the various CMS. I'm not to thrilled abt phpnuke yet but that's probly because I haven't spend enough time with it. You might also wanne check phpwebsite. Phpwebsite It's looks really customizable with some extra template making stuff etc. Also got some nice modules ready to use. Again, i'm not really sure abt it all and will try out some of your suggestions. Maybe we could keep eachother posted
  6. Just behind the margins. I came across this in a HTML course. Not sure if it fits this problem but it was mentioned as preventing a scrollbar. looked at html courses (In dutch so links won't help you:) ) but haven't found an answer yet. I am not in a position (read, at work) on trying it out myself or dug in real deep. So I leave it at this.. Good luck, grtx, Richard
  7. Another thought. What happens if you remove the margins? Also try working with height=90% and stuff like that. Who knows:)
  8. Hmm, strange. It looks like an IE flow. Long shot but maybe you could try adding px to the number. I think I had some experience with IE that it needed that but I am not sure. But strange it is :-) Good luck and Grtx, Richard
  9. You probably did but did you try? >valign="middle" grtx, richard
  10. Lisa, *banging head against the wall* Forgot abt using dodo.. Now that I read it again I fully understand. Don't know why I didn't earlier. I know the meaning of extinct and I know the meaning of bird Ah well... Must be the age... I agree on perl and never used it so far.. I prefer php myself.. grtx, Richard
  11. Lisa, You got me on the extinct bird... As a dutchman i don't quite understand what that means. (Or maybe being a dutchman is what you mean?!?!) Nowadays most install guides also offer installation notes for windows. But it's quite a hassle finding out if you have to use \ or / or ./ etc Apache is indeed the best and not so difficult to install. Php is quite easy and perl (I guess i have it installed to is manageable..) grtx, Richard
  12. You will have to use a webserver. Apache is the best choice. Installing PHP is not that difficult. Installing PErl I don't have experiences with. When you go to the php and perl site you'll probably find windows binaries install versions. Installing is quite easy. You will probably need more time to configure it all. BUT. I was (still am to some extent) a dodo with installing this on my local server and I managed.. So.. there is still hope
  13. cow (as a real Dutchman, it's quite obvious )
  14. woesap


    How very recognizable... Great story!!! grtx, richard
  15. Are you searching for a upload script for users to upload files? Or is it for yourself. There is a form mail script that includes uploading a file. You may want to check it out this Ultimate Form Mail script It's a very safe and easy-to-use and might do the job for you. You could also check Hotscripts. There must be a useable script ther too:) Good luck, Richard
  16. wedding (I know, obvious, but first word that pops up)
  17. Hi Alain You could also try www.hotscripts.com More specific : http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/Discussion_Boards/index.html All kinds off scripts nicely organized etc. If there is a simple script you must be able to find it there grtx, Richard TCH-Bruce edited link to make it inactive - use copy/paste
  18. Once upon a time, there was a hosting company who lived in cyberspace with a fancy city but there wasn't any food, so they climbed onto one of their desks (which resembled an
  19. ACTION = a form processing PHP or CGI script METHOD = POST (in your case). Ergo, you need a form processor. I think there's one in your c-panel but i'm no customer (yet) so not sure. You could also use Ultimate Form Mail by Jack a family member here. Very easy mailer with lots of possibilities and protect's your email adress: You can get it HERE You can also look at hotscripts.com for more CGI or PHP or PERL scripts. And off course other members will put in there two cents...
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