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  1. According to Rob's quote you are in the clear. A sub domain like sister.domain.com is exactly the same as www.domain.com/sister A subdomain just point to a subfolder of your public_html directory. What you may NOT do is let your sister get her own domain like www. domainsister.com and let it point to www.domain.com/sister Does this clarify it a bit? PS. Just don't let her pay you a part of her allowance/pocketmoney
  2. I looked at your form. There probbly will be a processing php that actually does the job. It might be in there. But I also noticed something out of the ordinary in your lines. I don't know if this causes the problem but check out this: ><input type=text name=country size=30 maxlength=50> <br> <strong>*E-mail Address:</strong><br> <input type=text name="email" size=30 maxlength=50> <br> <strong>*Daytime phone:</strong><br> <input type=text name=daytime_phone size=30 maxlength=25> <br> Note that email is between " " and the other fields aren't. That could cause a recognition problem. I also want to add that ,though you have a verifying image (which is difficult to read), your email adresses are easily recovered. Thus making them easy to steal and spam although not directly from the form it self. You might want to consider looking HERE (click this) This ia very easy to use form mail script that will hide your email adresses, has anti-spoof (not able to send mail outside the side) and in commercial version allowes the use of MySql database. It also has great support and his own support forum. Quite recently there was a discussion there that might be of interest for you also. Another restaurant owner is making changes that an automated confirm, waiting list, denial message is sent to the customer.(?). The customer will know instantly if there are still seats available. You can check out the forum HERE Good luck!
  3. Many of us here use another form mail script that is developed by a family member here. You might want to check out THIS SITE It is a easy to use script and the support on the site is very good! (forum) Good luck!
  4. Hi newbie, I am from overseas also. (The Netherlands). So far I love it here. Still busy putting up my site but I know I can get all the help etc in these forums. I also had two minor problems with the mail but with a help ticket it was solved quickly enough. I had no experience with c panel but indeed it does quite a lot for you. In short, just like the others said.. Jump in and take the plonge. For the price they charge it's really the best host i've seen so far.. And no, no shares in this company! Good luck and feel free to ask anything. Here or through PM. I am relative in your time zone
  5. record (It's been a while so thought I could join in again)
  6. Glad we could help And always useful to share.. Thus concluded. It wasn't wasted Good luck! And before I forget, Welcome to the family or should I say Willkommen zum familien(?)
  7. Virtual, Looks nice but it won't help you one bit if someone has a little bit knowledge of html and webpages. As a proof. Do you recognize this picture :-) (don't worry, i will delete it from my computer after it's done) <IMage removed>
  8. FYI. It is possible to install it I have it currently installed on my site and working. Now the content and looks are changing.... If you have any issues you may also PM me and who knows, maybe I can help!
  9. Berlie, I am a regular visitor of that forum. Do post your question there. I think it can be done by making an array of the redirect line in the mailit.php file. Thus through 'case' or 'if's ' you can choose the wanted redirect. Jack is currently getting his gear up again after the two hurricanes but his support is awesome and he will help you every way he can. I'll see you there P.S. On Jack forum I am known as ALTB
  10. OK, That makes some sense although not happy with the way this is communicated. And a further tip. Let the tech's that answer to my ticket also provide the reason why I should login to serverxx etc. Now they only told me that with that url it works fine.. Not telling me that for security reasons the other option is canceled. Now I have wasted another email telling them that I wanted to also log in with my former url using my domain name. Not knowing what you just told us Mike. A bit of waste of time and bandwidth
  11. Joxley, I've gotten the same error since a couple of hours. I've already opened a ticket but so far they are not searching in the right direction. I'll keep you posted
  12. Hmm, I still the ball is still at there court because they didn't make you a salary offer yet, did they. And as you say you're feeling fine at your current job I asume they will make it more tempting. Await the offer, ask for a bit more and then decide I assume there first offer won't be there final one but maybe virtual can comment on that based on brothers experience. But it must feel nice to be wanted Good luck with further negotiations!
  13. The page I linked to is always current. It has the default phpinfo command which looks at the current setting on the server and displays them. It's for sure the one that displays the true current version.
  14. I am glad I'm not like my wife because I would not sleep till wednesday But I think Bill is getting his very own datacenter where alle servers will move to and he's got everything under control. off course all customers get another upgrade, etc etc... Ah wel.. I'll just wait and see.
  15. Cool, a family meeting Great initiative VI! I noticed that the replies from Bill (and others) were getting more irritated. Which is understandable. I'll await what gets implemented.... Keep up the good work
  16. You can always check the current version on this page
  17. I think that won't work because behind .asp en .php are two different programming languages. Normally you make a page where the content etc for the mail is entered. Than you call a page (such as your example but then suitable for linux) to process that information into the mail and sends it. You can place that file anywhere within your site. As long as you use the correct URL to call the file from within your form. I don't know much abt using forms within flashpages. A good formscript you can get on this page. You may also search Hotscripts page. There are tons of programs there....... Good luck
  18. Try snagit. It's a screen capture tool that has lots of features. I use it professionaly to take screenshots of forms in applications that I am testing. Different input possibilities, different output possibilities etcetc. Just check it out. Click Snagit page to visit a download site..
  19. You could let him open a free site at tripod. It has PHP and mysql support. I think in a testing environment an add is no problem. He can look at h**p://www.tripod.lycos.co.uk/ ** Edited. referred to yahoo iso tripod
  20. Arvind, Go to Ultimate Form Mail script It is made by a member here. It's has anti-spoof so no other domain then you're one can use the script. Also no emailadressen in your form self. It's in the configure script where no one can read it. It is very easy to set up and works great. He also has his own support forum where you can ask everything. (search first). The support is as good as the one here. I am a very satisfied customer of this script and aslo frequent visitor of the support forum over there. Good luck
  21. Panayiotis Your problem is likely do to the non DNS issue. Try changing the >/scripts/ultimate_form_mail/mailit.php to >scripts/ultimate_form_mail/mailit.php Hard to see but I removed the front slash. I think it has something to do with not regocnizing the root folder as DNS hasn't propagated yet. Further more. I advise you to go to: UFM script support forum Your question will be answered by Coder or me (as a regular visitor of that forum and satisfied user). You could even try the search option there and look for a similar problem. But try my solution first BTW. The support there is as good as the support here
  22. Looking at most replies on issues like this I suggest that you enter a help desk ticket. BUt maybe staff or moderators have a even better idea
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