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  1. Ok so the answer would be no you cannot have multiple domains on the same server unless you have a resellers account..... k thanks
  2. I've got them in a text file...now thanks
  3. Can we have multiple domains on the same account free? Lexi
  4. I have that...(looking round desk) somewhere here on cd but god knows where lol I did manage to log in ....I was adding one character too many to my username thanks!
  5. I cannot remember my cpanel log in information. I thought it might be the same as my ftp log in information but it's not....where can I retreive my log in information for my cpanel? thanks Lexi
  6. oh hell....oooooo.......well I tried to transfer it and now this is what I get from my new registrar ***it seems that your current host doesn't want to release your account, here is there contact info, if you would like to contact them and ask them why, also they have a lock on your account that they just placed there within the last couple of days. It won't transfer until they release it** how can they do this.....they don't answer the phone....i've emailed and asked nicely....I had them unlock my domain a year ago and now they do this?? is this legal????
  7. problem solved changed the contact info and renewed with a new registrar thanks!
  8. looking over my paperwork I found the info to access the domain name...it had an area to change the domain contact info...was it really as simple as all that??? now how do I make that info private save for the email address? thanks for your help ahh I do have another important question tho..it says i'm about to expire...but does not show how to renew the domain name??
  9. Hi me again....who would I report the old host to....I cannot make heads or tails and I signed up for the bulliten board and was told that a moderator would approve me ....well that never happened. I called and left a message at the phone number, i've emailed several moderators and such and have had zero answers. I need my domain and am at a loss here as to how to fix this....is there somewhere I can report them to?
  10. ah ha....i'll call them today and maybe post too! thanks!
  11. I paid for the domain name. haven't heard from them yet wonder if there is a phone number I can call...this was the problem with them before...that and downtime....never even got my promised refund
  12. Well carp.....they have not answered yet! Is there any other coarse of action I can take to have them release this into my name?
  13. whoops sorry about adding all that didn't know mitch k thanks i'll try to contact them
  14. It appears my old host owns my domain name and I want to own it in my name When I began with totalchoice the domain had been locked by the old host totalchoice told me to ask them to unlock it....I did....i'd thought this would release it into my name but doing a who is I find the following.....how do I fix this? Visit: [edited out by Mitch] Domain name: ARMCHAIREDITOR.COM [i edited out this information because it provided direct information about another web hosting company. I'll reply shortly to explain more on this. - Mitch]
  15. Hello, I recieved help from Rick last night and in the meantime wrote to my current host about releasing my domain so how do I get an account here and transfer my domain and whats it going to cost.? I'm on icq 2653064 or gardingal on yahoo
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