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  1. ME TOO! What is the big thrill with PDF? I rarely download PDF files or try to view them. BLECK!!! LOL! Weezy
  2. Do you guys like PDF? I have had a few clients ask me to build them a site using PDF and I refused to do any PDF. Lost them both because of it. I find PDF shuts down peoples computers that are overloaded, older or outdated. Am I wrong? Weezy
  3. THAT IS SO KEWL! Thanks for sharing! Weezy
  4. Loved your blog! YR in Vegas looks like fun! Weezy
  5. Thanks you guys - I found the problem. Its our network. I checked other computers and they all show the domain waiting page. I worked on the site at home on my home computer last night. I will have to wait till our network refreshes I guess? Wierd! Weezy
  6. It's my computer then, I deleted the cookies and all, what else can I do to refresh explorer?? Man I feel blonde. Weezy
  7. Ok I have the wierdest situation. Yesterday I had this website working http://www.louisecarduner.com and even loaded my HTML last night. Today it says coming soon and is sitting on my welcome page at equinedomain.com ??? I checked the DNS and its pointing to my hosting? WIERD! Help? Weezy
  8. Rick I did send a ticket about it... I figured the easiest way to get rid of the problem was to delete the site and start over. I knew it had to be spam somewhere but I didn't know where. I set up JR's email to :fail: now so that should help him Thanks for everything - it's so nice to know I can count on you guys to help me. I owe so much to TCH and everyone that helps on this board. Weezy
  9. But I still wonder what was taking up 60 MGS of ram in his site. I checked all his trash bins and there was nothing there? Odd. LOL Weezy
  10. OMG.. this is what happens when you code for 7 hours straight. LOL!!! Sorry peoples.. It's all good! Thanks for your help! Weezy
  11. Thanks! This site is really been an issue for me lately. The owner was using 80 MGS and we couldn't figure out why. So I deleted his site and re-added it to the WHM and now its at 12 mgs. It was working fine yesterday, now it isn't? I wonder what I did? Weezy
  12. Thanks, I submitted a ticket. Yesterday I submitted two tickets and both problems got solved right away but I never heard back from the help desk? Weezy
  13. I think I jinxed myself yesterday - didn't I? LOL Weezy
  14. TUCOWS INC. Domain Name: theropingbox.com The results below are provided by TUCOWS INC. (whois.opensrs.net) Registrant: theropingbox.com 3318 Bowser Rd. Fulshear, TX 77441 US Domain name: THEROPINGBOX.COM Administrative Contact: Gonzales, JR theropingbox@msn.com 3318 Bowser Rd. Fulshear, TX 77441 US 8325418999 Technical Contact: Carduner, Louise whhorse@telus.net Box 171 Mirror, AB T0B 3C0 CA 4037883239 Registration Service Provider: Register4less, support@r4l.com 514-905-6500 http://register4less.com Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC. Record last updated on 04-Aug-2004. Record expires on 07-Mar-2005. Record created on 07-Mar-2000. Domain servers in listed order: NS1.FRUGALHORSE.COM NS2.FRUGALHORSE.COM Domain status: REGISTRAR-LOCK
  15. http://www.ropingbox.com I wonder why it isn't working? Weezy
  16. LOL. No my real name actually I never ever thought I would do this, but I think its a good way for people to find me that are looking by my name. Right? LOL! Weezy
  17. I guess it is way more common then I thought eh? Weezy
  18. Hey Thomas! I am going to register it for sure, I am just waiting on a few customers to tell me what their domains names are going to be and do it all at the same time I am not exactly sure what I am going to do with my domain name, but maybe just use it as a headquarters to link to my own personal sites?? Thanks for your post! Weezy
  19. Thanks all of you for your feedback! It's more common then I thought with people other then professional athletes and actors. LOL! Weezy
  20. LOL! I see that! The reason I am asking is I am wondering about getting the domain for my name. Weezy
  21. Do you guys ever make a domain name using your own name? What are your thought on this? Weezy
  22. OMG, I loved it. I can admit it, I am a computer Geek! I can think of others to add: *You speak chat language in real life. *You understand the geek talk in movies that no one else does! BTW, did you guys see Simone - the Movie? LOL Weezy
  23. Ok here is a more exact question.. Here is the code: <tr align="center"> <td BGCOLOR="#9C2135"><p align="center"><img src="/cgi-sys/Count.cgi?df=.dat|display=Counter|ft=6|md=5|frgb=156;33;53|dd=E"> </td> <td BGCOLOR="#9C2135" font-size: 3pt"><p align="center"><span CLASS="footer"><font-size: 4pt><small> Site Created 2003 :: Last Update January 31, 2005. Web page design by DesignersName. - Copyright 2004.<br> Updates and Promotion by Web Updater :: Hosted by Web Hosting.</span> </small></td> </tr> Here is my question - How do I get ALL the links to work, when I Link the last two they blend into the background... Thanks! Weezy
  24. Interesting stuff you guys do! Weezy
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