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  1. ranch (Oh yes, the famious r square ranch in beautyful sunnybrookdaleville. )
  2. I was at work when I posted last, QUOTE are you saying that the whole tutorial would have to be written in 24 hours, or that after a certain design period, there would be 24 hours to get it submitted??? After a certian design period.... (my life is too busy too!)
  3. I am sure I would have scheduling issues with the scavenger hunt... (timing would have to be a factor.) I like Tracy's idea, but I think it should be written off site and within a 24 hour window (deadline) submitted via email to the big cheese (with a confirmation email back letting us know things went ok, this way we can't look at the other posts and get ideas on how to make ours better. I wish all of you good luck! Mr. Bill
  4. We like the bots Gotta have that bot Oh-yeah We like the bots.... Dance (sing to the tune of "We need the funk")
  5. prices ( vacation is over....) We had a great time though!
  6. this happened to my wifes machine in the living room the other day.... Mad!!!
  7. nafta (oh I thought you said nato....)
  8. thats a deep subject.... water
  9. hood (little red riding hood)
  10. orange (most phone hold buttons)
  11. dairy queen! (cookie dough!) (more food!)
  12. rinse lather, rinse, lather, rinse, lather, rinse, lather, rinse, lather etc (this is more funny if you look at my profile....)
  13. Why not use the palm desktop for windows, then as you migrate into a palmpilot you can just import your schedule, addresses, notes, and etc into the palmpilot....
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