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  1. Didn't want to mow the lawn, so I fired up photoshop instead! Mr. Bill ps yes I got the yard done....
  2. I need a new housekeeper.... Mr. Bill (insert Mr. Bill smilie here!)
  3. You can just count me out! no way!!! no more nukes Oh PHP-nuke Sure! Yes! Please! Mr. Bill www.greatfolios.com ps: is there a Mr. Bill smilie?
  4. COOL! What an outstanding portfolio! http://www.realeyz.com Bill McCord http://www.greatfolios.com
  5. So how about the most exsessive use of commas in a post? how about the most mis-spelled words in a site? (ok, so I like the idea about the desk pix, but It could be a bit staged, don't you think?) Mr. Bill
  6. Wow! Thats a High Class solution to a high class problem! Thanks TCH!!! Bill McCord www.greatfolios.com
  7. Insert innocent whistling sounds here.... it's on my main page, can you find it? Thanks for the advice.... Bill McCord www.greatfolios.com
  8. I really need to take english lessons , you said that so much easier than I did, and yes you do understand it correctly. As a reseller, should I still link to my host? (it's not that TCH doesn't deserve the credit, but....) LMK Bill McCord www.greatfolios.com
  9. Now you've got me curious, My site structure has a main page www.greatfolios.com and 6-7 other pages of content, additionally I have a gallery on the main site that link to individual "folios" (portfolio photo collections) for each of several photographers and models all under the main site. then I have sub domains setup to make it easier for an artist or agent to "direct dial" a particular folio without the propagandist front door entrance. ie www.greatfolios.com/billmccord (actually sub domain to http://www.greatfolios.com/./html/billmccord.html) Are you saying that this is going to hurt my ranking? if so should I move the individual "folios" to the sub domain directories? would this help? Interesting, Bill McCord ps: I am not submitting the subdomains to the search engines, just the main page, and none of the links on the site refer to the subs, just the html directory versions.
  10. I have a similar issue, I have a doc (user agreement) that I need to keep secure until it's time to sign someone on to my site. When I use the www.greatfolios.com/docs/gfua.doc link, it requires 2 logins but if I use the http:\\greatfolios.com/docs/gfua.doc I only need to enter it once. I would like to keep it as simple as I can, any ideas? Bill McCord www.greatfolios.com
  11. I can't help as I don't work for TCH, but I can say you made the right choice, I have a site here and they have been super! sorry for the trouble, but it will be worth your time! Bill McCord
  12. I have been playing around with the locked folder option from cpanel and see how I can use it on my site, I want it for controling restricted access to underage model portfolios (restricted to just the agents that the minor's parents give the access info to It looks like I can set up individual users for each folder and control access codes, I don't have any need for paid access so I think this will work. how secure is this, anybody know? Thank you. Bill McCord www.greatfolios.com
  13. Why not tell her yourself, she has an email address posted on her page, and I know she would love the feedback on her portfolio, or you can post feedback on the forum (but I'll pass the compliment too!) She will be posting more pix soon! Thanks again for the help! Bill McCord www.greatfolios.com
  14. Wow! what a difference, calendar is up and going! Thanks for the great tip! (it wasn't tough at all, clear instructions make all the difference!) I feel 6'5" Bill McCord www.greatfolios.com
  15. It's called mycalendar, if you know of another one that installs easy and has admin input and control thats ok by me. any help would be great! Mr. Bill
  16. Is it ok to ask for help when your in over your head???? I want to provide my customers with a calendar in phpbb for modeling events, photo shows, contest dates and the like, there is a free mod for phpbb that I have uploaded to my root and have even tried to figure out how to install, I must admit, it's way over my head (and I'm 6'3") anybody up for a challenge Is this in the free support for resellers, if so do I do a ticket for it? did I mention you folks are the bomb! Thanks for the direction, Bill McCord www.greatfolios.com
  17. I remember a thread that made mention of calendar for phpbb, is this something I can have installed.... Btw I am real good at writing thank you notes TIA Bill McCord www.greatfolios.com billmccord@greatfolios.com
  18. Just signed up and am excited to get going, one stupid question though; Does a subdomain name get registered with internic or is the main name regestered and all sub domains fall under the main? ie: joebob.greatfolios.com a subdomain of www.greatfolios.com, do I have to register joebob.greatfolios.com with internic? Thank you for all of your help! Mr. Bill Greatfolios.com sysop
  19. Wow, again great response, you've earned another customer. other question about net objects? Mr. Bill
  20. oops, I don't mean sueing I wanted to type useing... sorry feel free to delete this posting Mr. Bill
  21. are we sueing this Phpbb2 Board now? what do I need to do in my site to make provisions for this? I am using net objects fusion, any problems? Mr. Bill greatfolios.com
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