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  1. it looks like it was a crumby system to start with....
  2. Is that a java console to the right?
  3. woooot Whip Goof Dance Goof order
  4. I'm working on my 9th year without the nasty little things! Congratulations and hang in there!
  5. Someone will be along in a little bit, it's worth the wait.... just hang in there! Mr. Bill Rock Sign
  6. red vines Keeps both hands free to type....
  7. I know (but I had to cheet, (google) passing to the next person....)
  8. thought this was noteworthy, the storm the other day hit the tree outside my house, all is ok except the tree....
  9. a dead ctx laptop (bad processor) xtra cd and 3.5" for same 14.4 external modem (antique I think) 2 - 56k internal modems several simms xtra keyboard (ps2 connector) (just cleaned out the garaage to get rid of the junk....) Dance looking for a cheep laptop p200ish with min 2gig hd and 64 meg ram, cd, and floppy. willing to trade replaytv 4840 (40gig hd inside) works fine.... (I have 2 only need one.)
  10. kung fu movie (notice the voice is behind the lips moving....)
  11. sparklers (thats all I like, snakes and sparklers....)
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