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  1. Hey.....man....I gotta tell ya....ya look like the devil! hahahahahah Doc
  2. Hmmmm....It's 11:33 PM here in Central Time.....which means it's past the deadline.....still looking for that pic!
  3. Welcome to the Total Choice Web Hosting family Magenta! I am also very sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. My thoughts and prayers are with you.....
  4. reflection in the windshield. He knew nobody else could
  5. Mmmm....Stargate? "Make it so"
  6. You are correct leezard...I didn't read all the post I guess.... Whip But in my defense...it was 5:00 AM when I was posting....
  7. Why not set up a sub domain for each user? Then they could ftp into that directory and not have access to the rest of your site? For example, let's say you have a user we'll call weebles. In CPanel, set up a sub domain for weebles. When you ftp in, you would then use for the ftp address: weebles.****** The username would be: weebles@****** with the password assigned to that user in your e-mail setup. This would give them access to only the weebles folder that will be created when you create the "weebles" sub domain. Create as many sub domains as you need..... Just a thought.......Hope this helps
  8. You might also be interested in creating a sub domain to host your private material. For instance, you could have a sub called "private" and then to get to it you would type http://private.**** You could name it anything you wanted, but you get the idea!
  9. Hey...welcome to the family, and BIG congrats on giving up smoking. I also quit cold turkey....will be a year ago this September....and though it was tough, it was well worth it. Sorry to hear about the strep.... Yuck! Looking forward to seeing you around the board! Thumbs Up
  10. In the south we have a term for something like that... we call it a "fat pill"!
  11. W.C Fields.... A classic... Book 'em Danno
  12. I like to crunch on the corn nuts. Since I quit smoking, I have to have something to do or else I chew up ink pens..
  13. That is...unless they are using the Total Choice Web Hosting forum. In that case, there is a cookie used by the board to track what messages are new to them. Otherwise, like Boxturt and Leezard said, only if you use cookies on your own site.....
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