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  1. The kids will love the rollercoasters at New York, New York, and the pirate show in front of Treasure Island and the fountains in front of the Bellagio. There is a fun kid-friendly section in Circus Circus. There is a great rollercoaster and Bounce (or is is blast) ride at the top of the skyscraper one (can't remember what it is called.) Vegas is an interesting place. There is tons to do. There is a lot you can SEE for free, but if you want to DO anything, it will cost some big bucks. (Seems like roller coaster rides average about 10 bucks per ride per person.) If you like that kind of thing, you should catch some of the family-friendly shows. There is a fun dinner show at the Excalibur where you get to eat a meal with no utinsels then see a horse duel/show in the arena. (Big hit with the kids, in general.) There is also a Cirque-du-Soleil show (ensure you get the family-friendly one, if you are taking your kids). Hope you have a great time. Don't spend it all in the "hotels" (trying to avoid the spam filter) wasting your money on the one-armed bandit (remember Danny Ocean: The house always wins), and get out and have fun doing some fun things that will make some great memories for your family. I highly recommend Hoover Dam. Grand Canyon is fun, but its not like it is right across the street. (It's about 120 miles from Vegas to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon; The bus tours usually give this one between 8-12 hours, it seems, to go there, spend time, and come back.)
  2. Plan (you know, group insurance plan)
  3. I think forum moderators look more at intent when determining what is thread bumping. I have posted twice in succession to the same thread, and nobody has ever slapped my hand for thread bumping, but I've never posted for the purpose of bumping the thread. It seems if you have related, but different questions, you can add them to the thread and hope somebody else answers. I think you'd only get into trouble if you were to do this repeatedly, or if it is obvious that you are just trying to redirect attention to your post. The forum moderators want you to get the help you need, and if you are genuinely adding new information to your request, they don't mind an occasional successive post. However, I am not a forum moderator, nor TCH employee. An official pronouncement will have to come from one of them.
  4. I'm still in the 2.0.x codebase, since I still haven't found time to test my site for the upgrade... I'm getting left in the dust. But I hate to break what's working.... Especially when I know I don't have time right now to fix it when (not if) things go wrong.
  5. Sorry. My bad. I was thinking of the cPanel username.
  6. what password are you trying to change? You can't change your cPanel password. Are you talking about mail passwords?
  7. So, if I were to Word-Press your site (using Word-Press as a verb that means "convert your site to a WP-driven site"), I'd say ditch Dreamweaver and go 100% WordPress. Do WP and Dreaweaver play well together? Well, yes and no. You can edit WP theme pages with Dreamweaver, but you can't just take a Dreamweaver HTML page and make it a WordPress template. What you want is a WordPress 2.1 site. With WP 2.1, you can create a "home page" that users see every time they hit your site. This turns WP into more of a content management system (CMS) than a blog. On your "home page" you would create the same links and such that you have on your current site. You would use categories for each of the "Top 10" categories that are currently on your main site page. Your users would select the category that they wanted, and a list of posts that are associated with that category would be displayed. I suppose you could use pages the same way that you used posts, but I think it is easier to use posts rather than pages, so I won't muddle that up with a discussion on how you could use posts for the same effect. In theory you could have a Dreamweaver-created top layer with a WP-driven lower layer, but you would have serious theme issues (your main site pages wouldn't look like your main page), and it would be much harder to manage and keep updated. With WordPress, you just add your content, and everything else works. A problem you have with your site right now is that you have file names with spaces that you've uploaded to your site. So you have URLs with spaces. These aren't allowed, so they are replaced with escaped space characters (%20 represents a space). You never want spaces in your URLs. It looks unprofessional and can cause trouble for some users. WP won't let you create posts (or pages, for that matter) with spaces, so you aren't going to be able to simple re-create your site structure and keep your Google ranking for those specific pages. Instead, you'll have to create a 301 redirect, as was mentioned above, however, I'm not sure how 301 redirects work with space characters in URLs (maybe space characters don't matter, I don't know, but it could potentially flub you up.) I'd guess that with WP Permalinks you'll actually get better SEO ranking because your URLs will be much cleaner than the space-infested ones you are currently using. I think you are going to really like working with WordPress. Do a Google search for "WordPress theme" and find a WP theme that you like, and then we can help you install it in your WP installation.
  8. Hi Jamestl2, Yes, you can one-click-install Wordpress with at TCH account. It is part of the offerings in Fantastico, which you access from your account's control panel. I actually run a number of wordpress sites on my TCH accounts (I think its up to 5 now), and while Fantastico is convenient, its always good to remember that TCH's policy is that it is your responsibility to keep your software updated. WordPress is a great platform, but it has vulnerabilities. If you don't upgrade to the latest version when it becomes available, you could be putting your site (and sometimes even your entire shared server) at risk. Manually updating your scripts is always the safest way to go, and WordPress isn't a hard one to update. You can ask for help here in this forum, if you need it. As for your other questions: 1. Yes. Google does like WP pages, especially if you use Date and Name-based Permalinks. This is a setting you change in WP, after it is installed. (You may need to make your .htaccess file readable in order to make this work, but we can help you with that as well, when you are ready.) 2. When your account is active, you go to cPanel, and select Fantastico. Under Blogs, select WordPress, and click Install. That is all there is to it. 3. By itself, WordPress is pretty light. If you add a bunch of plugins, you may cause some trouble with the processor, depending on what you are trying to do; and, of course, if your site gets slashdotted or digged, you may have trouble with bandwith. I've never had that fortunate of a problem, and I've never come close to having bandwidth troubles and my blog is getting around 6,000 unique visitors each month with a total of about 11,000 total monthly visits. On my blog, with my content, that uses around 1/10th of my total available monthly bandwidth. But be aware that if you are using large images, hosting video, or use audio, those numbers will shoot up dramatically, and very quickly. Hope this helps. Let us know what else we can do to help.
  9. You might try uninstalling Firefox, deleting your Firefox profile (this doesn't happen automatically when you uninstall), and reinstalling Firefox. Weird things occasionally happen to my Firefox profile, so I just start over when they do. Usually the problem is resolved.
  10. Try uploading just that file via FTP, and see if you can get it to work that way.
  11. YAY TCH-Matt! Welcome aboard. I always love seeing the TCH Family grow -- especially the support staff. That means things are going well for our favorite webhost! TCH Matt, don't be a stranger in the forums!
  12. Additionally, because the forum responses are indexed and available for searching in the future, TCH is wise and doesn't like to post certain server settings in the TCH forums. This is for a number of reasons: 1. The information can change as servers are upgraded, migrated, or as policies change. TCH doesn't want to have to update all the forum threads that might be providing information that would then be inaccurate. 2. In some cases server configurations may vary from server to server, due to different hardware and software configurations on servers. 3. For certain types of information, TCH doesn't want the numbers available in an effort to prevent abuse. TCH will provide paying customers with the details if they submit a help desk request, but this limits that information from being generally available to people who would misuse it in a way that would (a) provide a headache to the TCH support staff, and ( cause degraded performance for 'good' TCH customers. Anyway, that may be why this information is only available through the help desk. I, however, am only a customer like you, so this is just a guess. Best wishes.
  13. Not the case for me. In my case, I'd had my MX records set and working for a couple of months. Then on two separate occasions, I stopped getting new messages in my Google Hosted account. A check of the MX records showed that the records had been reset to the default TCH settings. Help desk tickets indicated it was due to a server restoration. Maybe this has changed, as I haven't had this trouble for a couple of months. But I would still advise people considering using a different MX record (required for Google Apps) to have a backup plan in place in case something happens and the MX record gets reset. At least, you should have a backup plan if you care about not missing any messages. Hopefully you'll never need a backup plan, but its never a bad idea to have one just in case.
  14. Ditto to what TCH-Thomas said. I'd ask your ISP about SMTP port blocking. Find out what ports they block for outgoing mail. Then I'd search the TCH forums for port blocking to see how others have resolved this.
  15. If you pay less than 19.99 a month, you're on a virtual account. If you pay 19.99 or more a month, then you are probably on a reseller account. (I'm guessing that you wouldn't have a dedicated server unless you knew you wanted one ). So you are saying that you have two separate hosting accounts, one for your domain and one for your brother's domain? And you are trying to get his hosting account to work? I'm not clear on the nature of your problem, so that is why we are asking these questions.
  16. In this case it shouldn't matter, but for future use, as a general rule I don't use my TCH account for communication with TCH. Not in help desk tickets, not as server contact info, etc. Why? Because when there is trouble with my server, I can't get messages from TCH if I'm using my TCH e-mail address. And since I like to keep all my tickets consolidated into one account, I use my g-mail for all tickets and all server-info settings. You might consider the same, in the future.
  17. I think Bruce's message means that you can change it to whatever you want. 10MB was just an example. If changing that one line only doesn't do what you need, then you can open a help desk ticket and they will look into it for you.
  18. Hey everybody. My computer died yesterday, but before it completed its untimely death, I was able to back up most of my files. This included creating a backup of my iTunes music folder using the iTunes interface. The files were backed up. I can browse to them on the DVD. However, iTunes doesn't import all of the songs now that I have my system up and running again. Some of the songs are imported, but none of my playlists made it, much of my purchased music hasn't been imported, and and generally, it skipped artists whose names start with letters between D and I. Has anybody heard of anything like this? Any suggestions on what to do next?
  19. Using Windows Explorer you can also do the following (some people don't like this method as your username stays in the browser history): 1. Open Windows Explorer (Right-click Start and select "Explore"). 2. In the address bar enter: ftp://<username>@<yourdomain.ext> For example, if your FTP user is skywalker and your website is starwars.com, you would enter: ftp://skywalker@starwars.com 3. A Log on As dialog will appear. Enter your username and password. The explorer opens your FTP site. Optionally, you can do the following: 1. Open Windows Explorer (Right-click Start and select "Explore"). 2. In the address bar enter: ftp://<yourdomain.ext> For example, if your website is starwars.com, you would enter: ftp://starwars.com 3. An FTP file folder error will appear. Click Ok. 4. From the File menu, select "Login As". The Login As dialog will appear. Enter your FTP username and password. The explorer opens your FTP site. The third way is what Jayson said above. (Some people don't like doing this, because then their FTP username and password appear in the browser history): 1. Open Windows Explorer (Right-click Start and select "Explore"). 2. In the address bar enter: ftp://<username>:<password>@<yourdomain.ext> For example, if your FTP user is skywalker, that user's password is jediwarrior and your website is starwars.com, you would enter: ftp://skywalker:jediwarrior@starwars.com The explorer opens your FTP site.
  20. My friend was able to resolve her problem. She changed her cPanel password, and then forgot she had changed it. Once she realized that, all the other problems were solved. Thanks for your input.
  21. Kind of on a side note: I notice that your bf's other host uses PHP5. Is that maybe the difference between the installations? Do you have to install a separate version of SMF in order to run it on a PHP5 server? It is my understanding that TCH doesn't provide any shared servers with PHP5, and there is currently no plan to do so, last I heard. So be aware of that, if PHP5 is an important consideration for you.
  22. Dallara, You could create a script with a variable set to 0. When the variable is zero, the script would refresh the page, and then add one to the variable. Since the variable is no longer 0, the page would stop refreshing. Maybe not the best solution to your problem, but it is one that I think would work.
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