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  1. Bruce, Where is the SPAM folder? I don't have SPAM BOX enable. I have "totalchoicehosting dot com" in my whitelist and my SPAM ASSASSIN is set to 5.
  2. That's the problem. I did not get any email. That was why I "Register" another name and still did not get any email.
  3. Hi, Anyone out there having issues opening up a Support Ticket with TCH helpdesk? TCH upgraded their Support Ticket system and now I can't login to create tickets. I even tried "Registering" a new account and still nothing. I tried IM and "Live Chat" with the techs but no response. Anyone out there can help?
  4. Bruce, Already open a helpdesk ticket. Hopefully they won't say "we don't support scripts written by someone". As for the code...it is not a typo. The "id" is the login name assigned by TCH to access cpanel. If I don't put "/home/BruceTheMan/cpaneluser/path-to-config.php", there would be other Path Not Found errors. I guess no one encountered the "Couldn't Resolve Host ...." error. Weird. Will update here if helpdesk assist or if a solution is found.
  5. Hi Bruce, Besides changing the "require('/home/id/cpaneluser/config.php');" in Index.php and the config.php to include the login names and passwords, is there some place else I need to modify? As I have mentioned, it was working fine and I have changed nothing to the configuration but logging in again today gave me the error "Couldn't Resolve Host something dot com" Thanks.
  6. Hi, I was running version 2.0 with no issues but haven't touched it since last summer. Now, when I log in, I get "Couldn't resolve host '****'. I then upgraded to version 3.0 thinking it might help but got the same error after successfully logged in. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  7. Thanks Bruce. I'll give it a try.
  8. Hi all, I am just wondering if there is an easy way to retrieve emails stored in different folders created in Squirrel Mail into Outlook. For example: SquirrelMail Folder Structure: - Inbox - Draft - Sent - Trash - Email from January - Email from February - Email from March Question: How do you "Pop" emails stored in folders "Email from January", "Email from February", and "Email from March" into Outlook? Thanks for the help in advance.
  9. I was hoping you wouldn't say that. ) I was hoping for a simple script like the one allowing access to AWSTATS without CPANEL. Thanks.
  10. Hi All, I would like to know if there is a way to grant someone permission to create additional access for others to a password protected directory without access to CPANEL. For example: I created an account for John to have access to "http://www.******/a_protected_directory". Now I ONLY want John to have the ability to grant Mary, Jane, Smith, or whoever to have access to the same password protected directory without granting John access to CPANEL to create the new accounts. Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. Bruce, I got the same result as Don. It just brought me to the regular (http://) webmail screen instead of the secured webmail (https://). Did we do something wrong? Thanks.
  12. Hi Don, How? The "redirect" in CPANEL only lets you redirect to "http://" and not "https://"
  13. No. I just use the one provided by TCH.
  14. Hi, My websites are hosted by TCH and wondering if there is a way to redirect webmail access automatically to secure access. What I am trying to do is, if I type "*****/webmail", I want it redirected to "https://www.****/webmail" (note the "s" at the end of "http"). I don't want to embed a script on the website to direct my users to SquirrelMail or Horde because they won't have access to "Change Password", "Forwarding Options", "Auto Responder", and "Aging" options. Unless they login the regular way which will be too much of a hassle. Thanks for the help. Dave
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