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  1. Okay, I was forwarding to a hotmail address. But I don't see Gmail on there, so I will switch forwarding to that. Maybe this isn't a lost cause though. I'll open a ticket with the help desk; if I'm lucky maybe I was meant to not know about the hotmail non-forwarding...maybe that person was still stupid enough to try and download my mail. I'll keep you all updated? If you want. I really wish I had gotten around to activating Lojack; then again, I wasn't expecting to get robbed by someone who lived in the same house as me.
  2. All I can find are logs from the current day. Is there a way to get logs from the previous day? I noticed there is a box that says to archive them at the end of every day...this is NOW checked. But I need the logs from the past week. If I don't have them in my cpanel would TCH have them saved on a computer some where? An IP address might be my only chance to catch the thief, and I could tell earlier by logging into my domain email from the web, my mail client HAS been open on my stolen laptop because there are absolutely no messages except for some old spam, so they have been downloaded from the server (before I changed my password, at least). ...and I just logged BACK into my webmail and suddenly have all my missing messages from the past few days. How is that possible? I know I didn't hallucinate setting up a mail forwarder and suddenly having it disappear.
  3. Thank you. I hope everything works out and I get justice. Just a winrar or unzip the file? Sounds easy to me! I will have to try that...I probably would have realized that sooner if I wasn't a little over stressed and on a borrowed computer. Thank you!
  4. I wasn't sure where to start. Just about seven days ago, my house was robbed by who we suspect is the roommate we were trying to kick out. My laptop was stolen (among many other things), with passwords saved on it for EVERYTHING. Including my TCH hosting. The day after, I set my email to forward from my POP3 email at my domain hosted at TCH to my hotmail account. The mail started coming in. And then it stopped. It wasn't until two days later I got around to changing my TCH webhosting password, and I just now changed my email password...and discovered the forwarding I'd set up was gone...I'd stopped getting the forwarded emails. I downloaded my raw logs (and intend to do so for every single domain I have under my reseller hosting). If I can find an IP address, I can hand that over to the police who can trace the IP (or at least have the authority to get the cable company to cough up information). So my question is...how do I read these .gz files? I tried notepad, that didn't work. I need to see my logs for the entire past week. Is this something I should actually call Support on the phone about? I hope this is in the right forum, if not, my apologies.
  5. I thought about just getting a different ending like .org, but I figured I might was well get a new domain. I have to admit, the new name has grown on me: http://www.forsaken-angel.net/ Just updated my old layout and I'm all set to go. MikeJ - I noticed there was something in my registrant (which is TCH) where for $10 a year, I can "monitor" the status of up to 200 domains. I figure that is how the squatter snagged me. Oh well, let 'em waste their money.
  6. Unfortunately I can't get it back, but thanks for the thought. I never got my renewal notices because the TCH registrant had an old bouncing email I was unable to check (not their fault, it was the ONLY place I hadn't updated!). Needless to say that is fixed now. I would have put the auto-renewal on but I really don't like doing that because it can make my bank account bounce. So I'm trying to think up a new domain. It was my 'hobby' domain too that I hosted a bunch of friends on. According to GoDaddy though, it happened legally, within a DAY of my grace period ending. That tells me they were WATCHING me. Sigh.
  7. I'm going to try option 3 and and in the mean while have Support do their thing and switch the domains. My contact information was current, I manage all my domains from the TCH Domain Registrant so since I bought a domain recently I thought it would have told me. I thought it was odd. But thanks for the advice! I'll update this thread as stuff changes (hopefully for good).
  8. I'd call support but I'm running late for work due to this so this is the best I can do until I come back home from work in eight hours. I thought I owned torn-wings.net. I haven't gotten a renewal in the mail lately, and also, I've been a little fried from my day job. One of my hostees emailed me this morning and said it was now parked by godaddy.com. Torn-Wings is ALSO the main access for my reseller account. I don't resell, I just have a lot of domains. I want my domain back. WHOIS lookup said a bunch of stuff I don't understand. It's not in the TCH Domain Register thingy either. I'm so confused. Did I get hacked? What the hell happened?
  9. Sorry Bruce, my brain was NOT interpeting ANYTHING correctly last night. I read every word you said, looked in my MYSQL section of my cPanel, and thought, 'Yeah, I did add to the database!' when I in fact did not. What's amazing is that I installed SMF two or three times sucessfully elsewhere with no such problem - one of the times on bravenet's excuse for website administration - but I managed to forget this time. I'm sorry, I never claimed I was running on all thrusters...but I'm not afraid to admit when I'm a dummy.
  10. Just a note to let you know I figured it out and that I should not try and do too much webpage stuff after work and before dinner. Why? I was CREATING the database user but not ADDING the user to the database. And right as I figured it out, in pops into my inbox an email from support. D'oh! I kindly let them know I figured it out...I was afraid that as soon as I gave up and submitted a ticket, I would figure it out. Story of my life! ...I should go eat dinner.
  11. I'm gonna open a ticket to support, I still can't get it to work. I wish I knew what I was messing up.
  12. That's what I've done, even copied/pasted what cPanel gave me since it renamed stuff slightly...or should I NOT stick with the slightly renamed stuff? For example; with the dbuser I input one thing; say, 'thingy123' for 'domain.com' and after creation it's 'wwwdoma_thingy1'. And if I name the database 'mishmosh123' it ends up being 'wwwdoma_mishmosh123'. I didn't change the name of the database at all from my backup...it looks like cPanel is? Or does it just look like it?
  13. I recently upgraded to a reseller account, and am attempting to restore a SMF forum (most recent version) on one of the subdomains of one of the domains that has already propogated. And I am REALLY trying to avoid a clean install as if I ever have a problem in the future when the forum is much more busy, I don't want to start from scratch. I tried uploading the backup of the database from the old host; will not connect. I tried creating a new database with the same name (after deleting the old one of course) and importing the information into the database. But the error that is not changing is that it is not connecting. I even downloaded a repair settings file from simplemachines.org and it tells me: "Some settings are not being shown because the MySQL connection information is incorrect." When I try to access the forum itself I get this: "Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later." I am copying/pasting the the username of the database as well as the database name itself to make sure I am not making a typo. I even went into the PHP files themselves and tried editing the information there as well (again, making sure to use copy and paste). And I am not trying to use the subdomain address...I am attempting to use the directory address, which will still work once the subdomain starts working anyway. Any ideas, or should I go bug SMF support?
  14. I really do appreciate all the help. Not sure if he'll sign up for the forums...but if he does, you won't block us from coming from the same IP? Haha, the forum moderator in me was like "Oh no! You replied last and you're replying again so you're bumping!" Just have to wait until I get home from work to play.
  15. I apologize for bumping but I just wanted to let you guys know we're going to upgrade. I don't care whether we get three free months or not (but hey, I won't complain if I do). I just hope there are not issues transferring his domains over since they are under his name. So you are getting my boyfriend's business -- it will just be under my name. That's how finances work when you live together. Thanks for answering all my questions!
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