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  1. Thanks Bruce........is there a freeware program that would change an MOV or WMV file into MPEG? dallara
  2. Bruce, when you say "popular"............would you recommend that I should make future clips in the mpeg format? I will say that I don't really understand all the different formats, my biggest worry is making them too large or in a file format that would not be viewed by most. dallara
  3. I have been working on a project and have put a few video files on the project page. I captured the videos as MOV files, clipped out what I needed and changed the file type to WMV files. I have noticed that some error codes come up, 206 as one example, for some folks. I have tried viewing the videos with FF and IE on my own computer with no problems. My question is, I know there are all types of video files...........is WMV the easiest for most users to view? The project page: Wood duck nest box 2 Thanks.............dallara
  4. Thanks Jim...........I only just thought about this since I went to the page on my address bar drop down and it had the previous info, I had to click "reload" for it to give what I had added this morning. I went ahead and added the meta code you replied with but it keeps trying to reload without stoping, so I changed it back. Thanks- Dallara
  5. I am not sure how to do this...........I have created a page that will be updated almost everyday for the next month. When folks visit the page I would like it to reload automatically so that they are able to get the updated page without only getting what is cached..........so I am wondering what codeing do I put in my source to make this happen. The page I am talking about can be found here: Nest box 2 page As always, thanks! Dallara ------------------------ GiffsFarm
  6. Thanks, I appreciate it! dallara
  7. Thanks Andy...........I have been searching on the exact way it should be put in as html, I know the title, description and keywords are important but I am wondering if the following meta tags should be included: <META HTTP-EQUIV="EXPIRES" CONTENT=""> <META HTTP-EQUIV="CHARSET" CONTENT="ISO-8859-1"> <META HTTP-EQUIV="CONTENT-LANGUAGE" CONTENT="English"> <META HTTP-EQUIV="VW96.OBJECT TYPE" CONTENT="Homepage"> <META NAME="RATING" CONTENT="General"> <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="index,follow"> <META NAME="REVISIT-AFTER" CONTENT="4 weeks"> Lastly, the bottom tag (revisit after) that is when you are telling the robots from the search engines to re-check your site.....is four weeks too long? or do I need this at all? As always, thanks for the help dallara
  8. Does just your index page get a meta tag or should each page have one.............and do I design one for each page seperate or do they all get the same? dallara
  9. I currently have a free year of Whoisguard, it will run out soon. Is the $2 or $3 a year to keep it on worth it? Looking at the whois website, it seems most site owners don't have their info protected so I am just wondering what most everyone does? Thanks- dallara
  10. couple hours later, I can get connected and this is what the tracert reads: Tracing route to giffsfarm.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 191 ms 218 ms 202 ms tc3arc1.wzrd.com [] 2 203 ms 201 ms 202 ms pf-2.wzrd.com [] 3 203 ms 202 ms 202 ms 4 203 ms 218 ms 202 ms 5 * * * Request timed out. 6 202 ms 218 ms 234 ms g-2-1.p0-pitb.telcove.net [] 7 234 ms 234 ms 234 ms phlapa1wce2-pos4-0.wcg.net [] 8 249 ms 234 ms 234 ms nycmny2wcx3-pos4-0-oc48.wcg.net [] 9 250 ms 249 ms 234 ms 10 265 ms 234 ms 233 ms te-4-4.car2.NewYork1.Level3.net [] 11 234 ms 265 ms 234 ms ae-2-52.bbr2.NewYork1.Level3.net [] 12 265 ms 265 ms 265 ms as-0-0.bbr2.Denver1.Level3.net [] 13 281 ms 265 ms 265 ms ge-9-2.hsa1.Denver1.Level3.net [] 14 281 ms 265 ms 265 ms 15 281 ms 263 ms 281 ms core-b.v33.ge-4-5.Level3.edge3.data393.net [208. 42.224.117] 16 265 ms 265 ms 265 ms rtr-dc-dist-a.v12.colo.data393.net [ 2] 17 265 ms 265 ms 265 ms ge-0-3-89.denver.wehostwebsites.com [208.42.236. 182] 18 265 ms 265 ms 265 ms server128.tchmachines.com [] Trace complete.
  11. Many times I cannot access my site from home, I just did a tracert and it comes up as: Unable to resolve target system name giffsfarm.com. I am running windows xp, dial up connection. I have had this issue since first starting my site a few weeks ago. I am a complete newbie at this but want to get it working correctly. One other issue is my DNS report. There are a quit a few errors that need to be fixed. I know I sent a help ticket a while back about it and was told DNS audits were being done and that I should see most of the issues resolved soon. Just wondering what, if anything I can do to fix this.
  12. Using the javascript to disable right click to protect photos........ok to use or should this approach be avoided. I know there are alot of fairly simple ways around it and maybe if the photo is that important then it shouldn't be put out for all the world to view.......but I am just wondering if using it (javascript to disable right click) as a way to discourage unauthorized use is good or will I just make viewers mad? Any thoughts, or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. thanks for the quick response Bruce.........I wasn't sure if I should check here first. Am I right that it was called Awstats? I remember it was the top selection.
  14. When I would go into cpanel web/ftp stats there was a statistics page, it was the top selection (I want to say Awstats) that gave a ton of fancy info. Today it has totally changed and does not offer me this selection any more. Just a few basic selections. I also noticed my bandwidth has been restarted for the month. Any idea how I can get back my original sections I had in cpanel web/ftp stats? Thanks.
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