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  1. Greetings, As mentioned before the search engines don't so much care about much of this. That said, I like to use meta tags to record project and page information for my own purposes. It's pretty useful to put notes, or copyright information in there. I also might use these for client specific information. This stuff could also just as well go in comments, but I find it easier to parse with scripts (like perl) when it's in the meta tags. pagoda
  2. Satellite phone- just like the big guy in the red suit!
  3. I've just received notification that NORAD has spotted the Head Guru leaving the TCH Headquarters... He He... so much like Christmas Eve!
  4. I need a calmative! I'm all discombobulated! The suspense here is killing me... <Programs 991 into speed dial just in case...>
  5. nest (nothin' bettern a 4 year ol' thread on a lzay saturday...)
  6. That statement is true as far as I know. It is also true that when someone papers a blog with one of my images I see this trail as a link into my site. Now, that said, I am not certain how the blogs where this has been the case work exactly, and frankly I haven't really cared since it is has helped. My guess though, is that somewhere embedded in the script generated page(s) there is an explicit reference to my website other than in an <img> tag. This discussion has actually got me curious just how this is working in an advantageous manner in some cases. I think I'll look ove
  7. Greetings, A link in does help. As an example, do a Google search, something like: link:www.mysite.com Google is one such search engine where links into a site do affect ratings, so, it's a "Good Thing". Cheers, pagoda Whoops- didn't catch the total gist of your post. Yes, I see what you are pointing out. Yet the fact remains that, for example, on a blog setup where an image is linked to from your site it will be logged as a link as in the search example above. I see this all the time when I search links into my site using various link searches (not just Google).
  8. Greetings, Please pardon me if this is a rather contorted way of looking at this problem, but... I own a graphic and web design business. When I first put my site up in 2003 I noticed this same problem. I eventually switched my site from page based to CMS since the amount of content of I was serving started to get out of hand. What does this have to do with people horking your images? As it turns out, those links in were a major boon to my site's SEO. So, I ultimately redesigned the site structure, decided to not mess with the folks who were in effect stealing my copyrighted mater
  9. Greetings All, Ok, I've made some minimal progress on this: -Using /usr/sbin/sendmail works, even when I send an email to someone outside of my domain (as I am going for). -Attaching to a socket (port 25) from within PERL does not work, using the same "To:" and "From:". (For those interested- a code snippet is at the end of this e-mail.) So- Am I to assume that the exim version of sendmail wraps my messages somehow and allows them to go through, but that doing the same thing directly through a PERL socket is verboten? Looks like it. I'm still hopeful someone will tell me
  10. Hi AndyB, This is where the my script is failing: print SMTP "RCPT TO:$address$CRLF"; sysread(SMTP, $_, 1024); /[^0-9]*(\d\d\d)/; if ($1 ne '250') { push(@bad_addresses, $name{$address}, $_) } else { ++$good_addresses } When the value of $address is equal to: -An e-mail with my TCH domain in it (i.e. info@askmegraphics.com), Then everything works as expected. -An e-mail address other than one with ???@askmegraphics.com, then it fail with the following message from sendmail: 550-server10.totalch
  11. Greetings, I'm using FormHandler.cgi from the CGI/Perl Cookbook to handle forms on my website. When a user enters information, two e-mails are supposed to be sent, one to my business and one to the user to confirm the e-mail. The e-mail to me arrives just fine, but the e-mail to the user does not . sendmail is saying that I am trying to relay (wise of it to notice!), and obviously this is not allowed. Surely there is a way to accomplish this. Any ideas? Thanks! pagoda
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