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  1. poil (a yarn or thread made from silk, used for ribbon, velvet, and as the core of gold, silver and tinsel yarn)
  2. pall Yup - no argument there... I'll take that hit and eat it since it is much deserved. Patrick
  3. 1365m - No, no skill here, just an idiot with too much time to spare... Most of my other scores were 0's - that's more indicative of any "skill". Pagoda
  4. wail More correctly, I should have said that I have some of the answers, but not all... Those I do have are shown below. #1) What does the distribution of letters in the Unabridged Dictionary look like? The Letter a Appears 184697 Times The Letter b Appears 36966 Times The Letter c Appears 96102 Times The Letter d Appears 63378 Times The Letter e Appears 217977 Times The Letter f Appears 21933 Times The Letter g Appears 43713 Times The Letter h Appears 59952 Times The Letter i Appears 188408 Times The Letter j Appears 2717 Times The Letter k Appears 14630 Times
  5. bait Trivia: In N-Word Space, say in some Unabridged Dictionary what is the answer to the following questions: 1) What is the distribution of letters? Is is sparse or dense? 1a) Related questions: what does the word distribution look like as a function of length of word? 2) Given the answer to 1a - what number of letters would allow the most flexibility with the fewest repeated words for this game? 3) For a given length word (in this game four), can all possible four letters words be gotten to given the rules? Next post will include these answers - I already have them (from an
  6. Hi, Here are a couple of potential things to try to see what the results are - I see that you've altered the registry for TTL for connections (which defaults to 86400 sec = 1 day) but perhaps you have not tried this - in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DNSCache\Parameters create a new DWORD value of MaxNegativeCacheTtl and set it to something very small (it defaults to 300 s or 5 minutes - this is of the order of the issue you reported, which is why this stood out). This sets the TTL for _negative_ responses (i.e. those that do not connect using the default D
  7. Greetings, A quick Google search shows what may be some interesting items for you (or may not be, or perhaps you've already seen them): 1) http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hostsfaq.htm 2) http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb727005.aspx (Straight from the "horses mouth" so to speak - Microsoft's view of things) 3) http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm (Another very good site : implies that you might want to use for the site you are working on - I dislike this answer personally, but perhaps it is just what you need?) Cheers, Patrick
  8. Greetings Again, Hmmm... I did not see where you specified the browser you are using that takes so long. However, I used to have an identical problem but only with one browser (being a web developer myself I use many browsers to ensure that my content is at least somewhat consistent). The offending browser was always MIE 6.x. Personally, I use Firefox for my own browsing and I now use MIE 7.x for development (unless a client requests an older version - but I live in a town that has the highest per capita number of Ph.D.s in the world and thus is very technically savvy - this is both go
  9. Greetings adephue, Although you did not specifically use the word "Windows" to describe your PC, I am going to assume that was/is your intent... Even if this not the case, these same concepts work on *nix machine except for the files /etc/hosts. What I do (I too am a web and graphic design - meaning fundamentally marketing and advertising) is to do one of the following depending on the mood I am in and the complexity of the site: 1) The Simple Solution: Look in D:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. If you are familiar with Linux or other *nixes then this will be a cake walk.
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