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  1. Greetings, (Whoops - this response has been sitting on my desktop while my train of thought was derailed (deranged? ) for a while, so it looks like I am duplicating some previous remarks...) Only posting this for posterity and people considering or already using this software. Worse - there are/have been known exploits for people using PMachine by EllisLab (formerly name PMachine - this product was their flagship product), an online publishing program which used to have both a free and purchasable version but was discontinued formally by EllisLab and released into the public domain
  2. Greetings Siswati, I am assuming (since you must have a reseller account given you know about WHM) that you have tried the following: I.E. just close the current file manager window and then click the icon again to reopen the file manager. Now, if you have instead turned it off for accounts on your server that is another story.... Hope this helps. Cheers, Patrick
  3. Absolutely no offense taken! Good luck with your web site. As a web designer that's just sort of how my head works - my apologies for misunderstanding the situation. Cheers, Patrick
  4. Whoo hooo! I've been wasting so much time trying to better my score - now I can leave this game alone and get back to real work... 1494.2m Once I figured out that the location of the "moles" is apparently random (i.e. changes from turn to turn) it was clear that all one has to do is wait for the right alignment and try to get as much forward momentum as possible (using the tree as a point of reference). Pagoda
  5. Oh yeah, I forgot a very important one... links from other websites INTO your website and OUT to other websites that are related to what you do are rated as a very good thing by most search engines. So it's a good idea to do this (in your case - similar ezines) Cheers again, Patrick
  6. Greetings Mae, This is my attempt to help out with your question. I am a web designer by trade so I deal with these issues very frequently. TCH and other companies offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website (usually just the home page). This can also be completed through TCH's Domain Registration website via a product called "Traffic Blazer". I have used Traffic Blazer for many of my clients via a one year subscription submitting their websites to the search engines roughly every two months (to avoid being blacklisted) and have had very good luck with this. You may
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