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  1. Greetings, Yes, Bruce is correct, most phones use Java (J2ME, as I mentioned, to be more precise) and can indeed use the Opera browser (a very lightweight browser - no JavaScript, no CSS, no frills at all in fact). However, the PDA version of the Opera browser does in fact allow JavaScript (though it is sometimes broken - not due to Opera's implementation but due to web designer's very weak and incorrect JavaScript - mostly issues with not using assert() and such things) and also CSS. For a while there was a lot of talk about PDA/SmartPhone native Joomla code - but I'm not sure if thi
  2. Greetings Webgyrl, (This e-mail was started yesterday - I've been thinking about it all day! But I never got around to finishing it - so here is my late entry into this discussion...) Warning: long answer with no time to proofread prior to posting... Let me know if something is totally confusing/wrong/etc... There are two main schools of thought (that I am aware of) on this topic, here is my take on both of them, and why you should (or might want to) care about them or why you might not want to care... To the question "how can I think about serving up content to PDAs?" I wo
  3. Greetings Tamiep, There was a short thread about this a while back - ... The upshot of the above thread is that Thomas brought up a good, sobering question: In the next couple update cycles of Fantastico that contain Joomla updates/upgrades, which path would Fantastico take: A: Take the plunge to the major upgrade and offer Joomla 1.5.x -or - B: Continue to offer the next one or two versions of the Joomla 1.0.{13,14,...} line Either option would be defensible and valid, I think, from Fantastico's point of view. I have been using Joomla 1.
  4. sun (ahhh... that's better! )
  5. scraper (as in that annoying ice scraper I have to use almost every morning that causes me to be late places since I always forget that the windows will be frozen.... Spring, spring, where art thou?)
  6. nill (Sheesh - all this real world "work" stuff has precluded me playing word games the past few days! Is it Friday yet? )
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