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    Scrabble II

    trank I believe this is the first time this word has been used on a TCH forum post! For the interested: trank(1): n. Slang a tranquilizer trank(2): n. 1. The piece of leather from which one glove is cut 2. The cut or shaped trank, not uncluding thumb, gussets, and fourchettes
  2. Wow Bruce - what's that thing called? It's awesome! A "link"? Yeah, I guess that makes sense - it links to other things! D'oh! Leave it to me to miss the obvious! I agree, she is a certainly a cutie! I don't speak that language, but I think it means (loosely translated) "This is the most beautiful baby girl in the world!" (Ok - so according to Babel Fish I'm off a bit, but I think it's implied...)
  3. Hey Thomas, great idea! I'll start: Bruce, I'd like to open a trouble ticket for a cranky, potty-training toddler who currently has a cold. We'd like to book a sitter for about 4 days until her bad cold subsides - are you available? My wife and I have determined that toddlers have developed the ability to look and act cute just when you are about to wring their necks - we figure this is an evolutionary advantage that is key to the survival of the human race... Pat Since uploads of photos are now turned on it is TERRIBLY tempting to post my little sweetie - but back when I worke
  4. Hey Bruce - you implicitly had a GREAT idea! Where can I open a trouble ticket when my little girl is acting up? Or is there a forum for that? Pat
  5. Whoo Hooo!! Congratulations on the new baby girl! Mine is 2 1/2 and she is one of the better things in life I remember the haze and fog of those first few months. No matter how much you read or what classes you take you are never prepared - at least my wife and I were not! Some of my fondest memories were sleeping on the couch listening to Trance music with Callie (my daughter) so my wife could get some sleep - for some reason Callie always quit crying when we listened to Trance music... Good luck and savor the fog of these early days! Cheers, Patrick
  6. pagoda

    Scrabble II

    spare Apparently it's enough of a legitimate word to be in the Wiktionary: So, take off hoser! From the Wiktionary (Emphasis Mine):
  7. pagoda

    Scrabble II

    spore Was going to say "hoser" but - already used! - funny word though!
  8. Hi Thomas, Ugggh. I think you're right on the money there. It's a pickle alright. The last time I installed a version of software manually (that was otherwise offered by Fantastico) and then later wanted to update it using Fantastico, I ended up with a huge mess. This would be less of a problem if I were only maintaining one website (my own) but with clients it is more efficient to have them all on the same version at the same time using an automated tool like Fantastico... *sigh* If your implication is correct (as I suspect it is) then maybe it's more worthwhile to roll my o
  9. Greetings, FCKEditor and TinyMCE are both great. I use them both depending on the feature-set I wish to have available. I also use an RTE called Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor (CBRTE). CBRTE is great for some of my clients where I do not want/need a full CMS (like Joomla) but that I wish to allow client edits to certain web pages on the site. CBRTE is also great for clients that do not wish to pay me for a full CMS but who do wish to maintain content on their websites. CBRTE uses the designMode functionality of your browser(s). One of the nice things about CBRTE is t
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