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  1. I don't think I was very clear on the above about what I am looking for. LOL OK, first I need to know if I need to install Joomla on my computer before I put it up on totalchoice. The reason I ask is because when I read the instructions it keeps talking about the local host and putting it on your computer. Then I need to know if someone would be willing to help me out as I go along, someone experienced with Joomla that I can bounce questions off of and who might be willing to guild me. Or if someone know a better and easier option than Joomla for what I need for the other site I wish to create -- the subscription one where some will pay, others will not, and some will be able to publish stuff (like a bunch of blogs, I suppose). Thank you.
  2. I installed Joomla awhile back and some how my old files are back up minus the graphics. Whatever, I'm starting over anyway. So, when I read the Joomla instructions, I even purchased one of the books, I notice that though they say that anyone can do this and then they go on to use terminology that I guess only they understand. The book is suppose to be step-by-step, but I don't think it is. First of all, I don't know if I need to install Joomla on my computer first and then upload it here. I choose Joomla because I will need to be able to create membership areas and different types of memberships. I will need to be able to let some members get in and publish stuff and other only to read stuff. The ones who publish will pay. If anyone has a better and easier suggestion, please let me know. Or if anyone is willing to help me with Joomla, I would be very grateful. Thanks! Tamie www.freesourcesrn.org This is not the site I will need the subscriptions for, but it is the one I was starting with to experiment with Joomla and it's the one that the old files reappeared.
  3. Don had helped me a time or two, but I was not on here enough to really get to know him. After reading what everyone has said about him I find myself feeling very sad and wishing that I would have taken that opportunity. I know it has been months since his passing and I just wandered back on to the forum over the past couple of days, but I hope his family is healing and that wherever he is, he knows that we think of him.
  4. I'm going to wait for it to show up rather than try to do it all by myself. As you can probably tell by my questions, I don't know what I'm doing.
  5. How's come we don't have the new stable version of Joomla in our Fantastico thing? It would be so cool if it were there and probably easier. Hint hint.
  6. I am setting up Joomla and I don't know what my host name is. Probably a stupid question. Also, I need to know "username and password of the database root user" is that the same as my username and password for my cpanel?
  7. I am going to switch service providers from 1and1 over to here (I have one site over here already), but my domain name is registered over on 1and1 until June (I've paid the other ISP up until June). What if I make a subdomain over here under my current Web site until my domain name can be moved over here. I'll have a link on the 1and1 hosted site to the subdomain over here under my other Web site. I am going to create the new site using Joomla. Will it be easy to move it from subdomain to domain if I do that?
  8. Thank you. I have gone over to Joomla and find that they have a lot to offer and I don't know which extensions I need. I'm also going to be moving a web site over to here, it's with another provide (1and1), they offer a lot of space, but not the mysql thing I need, unless I want to pay double. Joomla also seems to assumes that you know what you are doing to some degree. Of course I do not. Tamie
  9. Hello, I would like to make part of my Web site members only and for those members I would like to charge a membership fee and even have 2 different types of memberships. How do I do that? What would I use? Does Joomla allow you to do that? Thanks! Tamie
  10. I'm looking for some easy to use chat software or another site I can link to where I can set up chats. I have a women's group and we need a place to meet online and have live chats. I was trying to just use the AIM chat feature, but of course, they all have different messengers and will not switch. Always have to make my life difficult. LOL Keep in mind, I don't know much about this stuff, so it has to be easy. I know HTML and that's about it.
  11. Thank you. Actually I'm going to be putting up another site, but I'll put the forum on there as well.
  12. Thank you. I'll give that a look!
  13. Hi there! Well, I have two ways I think I can do this. 1. Have a site where there are certain pages that only members can access where I will be posting events and they will search by area. 2. I send out a newsletter type email for each state to the members in that area. I the newsletter route seems like a lot of work, but might be easier on the subscription end. I don't know. I'd much rather just update the website when needed and have them log in when they want to check it out.
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