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  1. Warm (mmmm... warm laptop on my lap... Call me a weirdo - )
  2. Bill, Your generosity, and the generosity of the TotalChoice Hosting, both in terms of the contests mentioned and the absolutely wonderful support - moral, technical and otherwise - are greatly appreciated by most of us (I believe). I am terribly sorry to hear that this situation has happened and been relegated to attorneys - that is bad karma at best, or simply obnoxious behavior and serious ingratitude to you and TCH's FREE offers. While I do not know more of the details than have been presented, I can honestly say that I am so sorry you have had to deal with this. Admittedly, it is n
  3. Geez, now I just sound like a parrot... I, too, would say that the most annoying item is the flash content. In particular, the specular highlight that animates around the person makes this site look somewhat like the chintzy sites created by one of those Russian "Let Us Built Your Website for Only $49" things. (No offense to any Russian designers reading this...) Professional Comments and Opinions As a website designer, logo/branding/identity package designer creator, and more importantly, as teacher of color theory as it applies to digital work such as websites, logos, and photo
  4. pagoda

    Scrabble II

    shill (BTW - "slish" is a bit out there isn't it, I mean, as far as a valid word? Yes - it's in the Urban Dictionary, but you've now made this page rated R at best... Ain't complainin', "I'm just sayin's all...")
  5. proctology (I have no idea where that came from, but it truly was the first thing that popped into my sick mind... )
  6. hurl boll (should have followed poll - but the whole list didn't load for me, so I was too late... still... and "hurl" fits into this nicely too ) (I find it funny that in an election year, a word like poll (as used above) can, in this game, next be associated with "boll", which is related to "boll weevil". A "boll" is a rounded seed vessel or pod of a plant, as of flax or cotton, while a "boll weevil" has dual meanings: 1) a snout beetle, that attacks the bolls of cotton or 2) (informal - especially in the U.S. Congress) a Southern Democrat with conservative views who often votes wi
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