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  1. Wait! I just tried using the "REPLACE" syntax and it worked. But now my records are appearing all over the place in my table, when say record #1 is in between 6 - 9. Why is this? And wait a minute!! now some of my records are gone! I mean, replaced with the new ones I copied from the old table....
  2. Thank you very much!! It worked!! However, I noticed that not all of my records got copied over, due to the duplicate primary keys. Is there another way I can transfer them?
  3. No prob Dave! My answers: 1.) Sure! 2.) No, just the data. 3.) Yes, they are identical. 4.) Yes. Deno.
  4. No, I'am trying to copy existing data from one table to another. I don't get how that works. It seems like I'm making a new table, but I don't see how that transfers my original data to the new table. Plus, I already have some data in my new table anywho.
  5. I'm curious, Could someone please tell me how do I copy the data I have in my mySQL tables to another mySQL table? I have a lot of data that I wanna transfer, and I'd hate to just type them all in again manually , and I'm also using the phpMyAdmin in the CPanel too. Any help would be really really appreciated as always, because.... Rock Sign Deno.
  6. Deno

    Sql Error

    You know what Jim? You are sooooo right! ARRRGHHH!! How stupid of me! getting $artist and $article mixed up!! man, how can I not see that?!?! Thanks for noticing that! Appreciate it a lot! Rock Sign
  7. Deno

    Sql Error

    Ok, here's what I'm trying to do.... go to http://www.starryconstellation.com, then scroll down to the links that say "CD Review" under Jennifer Marks or Ben Arthur. When you click on those links, it goes to the cdreview.php page, looking like this cdreview.php?artist=9 or 10. It goes to the sql db and queries this: $Query = "select * from cd_review where cd_id = $article"; and then displays the info... but somehow, it doesn't read the $article!! But yet it works on the rest of my pages, like the TV and movie reviews. The code's EXACTLY the same!! please please help!
  8. Deno

    Sql Error

    Hey y'all, I'm still having problems.... (I've been away for the past few days btw)... I decided to give it a test, by printing the $article variable to see if it even carried the $article number over, and it prints nothing on the next page. What's my problem?
  9. Deno

    Sql Error

    Here's a copy & paste of my code: $Query = "select * from cd_review where cd_id = $article"; $Result = mysql_query($Query,$Link) or die("Error when querying the database: ".mysql_error()); if(mysql_num_rows($Result) == 0) { print("No results to display."); } while ($Row = mysql_fetch_array($Result)) { print("<font size=5><i>$Row[title]</i></font><p>"); print("$Row[review]"); } mysql_close($Link); It's the same as my other pages, except the table name is different.
  10. Deno

    Sql Error

    I get this error when trying to retreive data on one of my pages: "Error when querying the database: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1" I don't get why this happening, cause it works on my other pages, and the php code structure is EXACTLY the same too! I'm guessing it has something to do with my sql table. Please help. Mad!!!
  11. Actually Raul, I figured it out! It's that I didn't put "POST" for my method on the beginning of the form. Thanks anywho!
  12. Ok, I tried the mediumtext thing, and I STILL doesn't work! Any ideas anyone? Like when I push submit after writing a large amounts of text, it doesn't do anything. Please help!!
  13. Oooh... here's my URL: CLICK HERE
  14. Yeah, I'am trying to write it to the database. I think I'll try to use mediumtext and get back to you guys. Thanks again!
  15. Hi, I'm making a backend system for my client's site, where she can upload her own articles for her e-zine by typing it in. Once she clicks on the submit button, the article's added to the mySQL db. However, while testing it, I notice that if I have say 3 paragraphs with over a THOUSAND characters, it won't submit at all. But, if I type a few characters, it does work. Is there any way I can submit more than a thousand characters to the db? Here's what I have: in the textarea of my form, I have character width of 100, and number of lines to 50. On the content field in my mysql db, I have it set to text. Please help!
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