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  1. Thanks, Bruce. Is this because it will have to be a server-wide setting i.e. it would affect others using the same server?
  2. Is there a way to do this? I would like to set a maximum of, say, 20MB per email to prevent people from clogging up my mailbox, inadvertently or otherwise. Ideally, the server would reject the sender’s email with the message that its total size exceeds the maximum allowed.
  3. This issue has been fixed by tech support (and in doubly-good time, too). I don’t know the details of how it was resolved, but the moral of the story is, if you are having the same problem, open a ticket!
  4. I have just migrated two email accounts from POP to IMAP. They are both working fine, but I can’t seem to delete an empty folder and its (also empty) subfolders on one of the accounts. The folders are: cppop - cache - msgs The error message I receive when trying to delete cppop is: "Mailbox does not exist, or must be subscribed to." I have tried subscribing and unsubscribing to the folders before attempting to delete them again without success. A similar problem was described by another user some time ago, but no solution was posted. Does anyone know how to resolve this?
  5. I've just discovered a new client for Mac OS X: Cyberduck — Simple, fast, functional and free! The download is about 2.8 MB. Could do with a column browser, though.
  6. Wilexa, thanks heaps for that — username@ftp.mydomain.net.au worked for me in the end. However, now that I'm 'in', I can't seem to make any changes i.e. even though I logged in with username and password, I only have read-only priveleges, with no way to change those priveleges using 'Get info.' Unless someone knows of a way to get around that, I'm just going to revert to using a third-party client for now. Perhaps one day when I acquire fingers of speed and a better knowledge of OSX terminal, I'll be able to do it all the old fashioned way (read: probably never ). Cheers! —Jos
  7. I've been trying to use the built-in FTP client in Mac OSX to access my site — what I've been doing is: 1. In Finder, under 'Go' > Connect to server 2. Server address: *ftp://ftp.mydomain.net.au 3. >Connect Some communication seems to take place between my computer and the remote server and strangely, I'm not asked for my id and password. 'jos.net.au' is then mounted on my desktop but only contains two folders: 'pub' and 'mail'. The 'mail' folder contains a file called 'inbox' which seems normal but the 'pub' folder is completely empty, even though the files are obviously still there because the website still works. Anyone knows what's going on? ps: I could just use a third-party ftp client but where's the fun in that? [edit: server address]
  8. Here are the setup details that worked for me on Dreamweaver MX: Access: FTP FTP Host: ftp.[yourdomain] e.g. ftp.bobo.com, ftp.bobo.net.au, etc. Host directory: (works both ways whether I leave this blank or use 'public_html') I was having connection problems as well until I turned Passive FTP on. You might want to try that as well. There's also a bit of info on the Macromedia website regarding Troubleshooting FTP that might be helpful. Good luck!
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