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  1. Looks like it's been fixed! You guys are awesome!
  2. sorry if this is the wrong section... can't figure out where/who to tell to fix things on the site... http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/coppermine.html the tutorial has a few errors, though the one in the Tutorials section looks better. In Step 3, the 'includes' folder should be on a seperate line. also, the itemized list numbering is a bit wonky - 1 2 3 4, 2 3 4 5 6 and why is Step 3 #5 talking about a blog?
  3. ok, here's mine... like most others have said, pardon the mess! (my first picture post - let's hope this works! - it did, woohoo!)
  4. same here! *sigh* well, at least it was easy to install... maybe the upgrade will be just as easy!? on the plus side I haven't upgraded my other website to WP yet... thanks for the heads up Raul
  5. Hey guys There's a website that offers a service of registering dancers for competitions online. For some of these competitions, they get an extraordinary amount of hits the day it opens. I know some of these competitions have a limit to the number of dancers in the 1500-2000 range. For whatever reason, some of us are a little too obsessed and feel the need to ALL try to sign up the second they open registration. Is there a TCH plan that can handle a heavy hit load like that? (say 500+ hits at the same time-I really couldn't tell you how many people are actually hitting it in that opening time frame - maybe it's more than that) The service uses a number of databases to display the various competition entries as well as to gather the competitor's info. All of us competition obsessed people are getting really aggrevated with this company as they've been having this problem for over a year now and nothing seems to be getting fixed. If you have a plan that can handle the load, I'd love to recommend you guys to them. ~Christy who happily has two sites here already, and possibly more brewing
  6. just wondering if the above poster who was using 4images got it working. I've neglected it for a few months and have just noticed it's no longer working for me... I tried removing the 'convert' from when I originally installed, and no luck... guess, I'll submit a help ticket
  7. Thanks Bruce. I'll be sure to check out the tutorials. Now, to back up the old before installing the new...
  8. Hi all... I tried searching and got a bit overwhelmed and didn't really find what I'm wondering here... I currently run two sites that have blogs, one with MT & the other with Blogger. I've never been able to figure out how to modify MT to match the rest of my site's layout. I want something more than blogger, but MT is too overwhelming to update design/layout-wise. I'm leaning towards WordPress Is WP easier to use with regards to updating the design/layout? Thanks ~Christy
  9. I'll agree with Bruce - margins would be nice. I'm on IE right now, and I keep looking for a bottom scroll bar - it feels like there should be more to the page. but overall, I like it
  10. don't know if this is standards-compliant (I haven't actually finished anything to go over and check it lately), but sometimes I'll have my links open in a new window by using "target=linked"... since I'm not using frames, it opens in a new window, and if they don't close the window, everything targeted to it opens in that same window. so it's only mildly annoying. anyone know if they're going to take that trick away? I suppose since it's a frame window reference they can't. maybe.
  11. lately my blog has been getting a fair bit of spam. not constant, but a couple messages a week. it's rather annoying. I'm using Movable Type v2.64. would updating to v3.x help it or does anyone know of a setting/add-on/whatever that could help stop this? tia! ~Christy
  12. the 4images gallery also has a built in e-card function.
  13. I started out with a CGI script (forget what is was off the top of my head). It was good, but once I saw Gallery, I decided to 'upgrade'. Of course, as soon as I had Gallery up, I saw Coppermine, was about to switch to it but couldn't get at it (the whole website locked up problem), and ended up using the one from 4images instead. Gallery was nice, but I didn't like what it did, and I never fully got around to modding it properly. I like 4images, but it can be difficult to get help as their site/forums are primarily in German (thank goodness for Google's translation tool!)
  14. well, if we're including Ariel & the gypsy from Hunchback, shouldn't we include Jasmine from Aladdin? btw, are we talking the "beast" beast, or the prince beast? cuz I just rewatched that movie last week, and I wasn't impressed with him...
  15. with regards to the templates question... are you trying to use Dreamweaver's Template function? if so, save the file as a template. anything you want to edit from page to page will need to be set as an 'editable' region - under the 'Modify' menu towards the bottom is the Templates commands/functions ... in it's sub-menu is something about editable regions. Then, to make a file based off of it, choose 'New...' from the File menu. There's a tab for Templates - you can pick your template from there, and then you can put page-specific info into your editable regions. I'm using Dreamweaver MX, though that shouldn't make too much of a difference. There's quite a bit of info in DW's Help files as well - that's how I started learning about them. Also, point of note that if your site is HUGE, then the template function can be a pain - it'll have to update every individual page, and then you'll need to upload all those pages. For things like headers & footers, maybe menus, PHP can be nice. Just change one file, and all the pages that reference it will update.
  16. Thank you! I finally got that link on the home page - thanks for the reminder. ~Christy
  17. 1. http://www.dancers-tale.com 2. A Dancer's Tale 3. The personal site of a twenty-something Irish & Highland dancer. Includes an extensive photo gallery, my blog, etc. 4. The link to TCH is currently on the credits page. I'm at school now, but I'll also add it to the first page when I get home. I'd like an evaluation, but I know I'm not ready for it, so I'll post again once I get that all ready. Thanks Scott. ~Christy
  18. Hey Guys Well, I've been playing with creating websites since 1996, and the last couple years I've thought it'd be cool to do web design as a business. The thing is, I haven't a clue how to get started. Can anyone recommend some sites or just give some general advise, it'd be greatly appreciated. Also, are there any 'requirements' like certifications or anything that people would look for? Or do they look more at your portfolio/past work and say, 'yep, she can design and code, let's hire her' Thanks in advance! ~Christy
  19. you might also want to submit the sites to http://www.pirated-sites.com/ - they show comparisons of sites that are blatant copies of each other.
  20. for anybody thinking about doing this, be forewarned - it will delete (seemingly) all your .htaccess files. thankfully, I think I have a copy of mine somewhere. and I've learned to make sure I have back-ups! ~Christy
  21. just be forewarned that IFrame is relatively new and doesn't work with Netscape lower than v6. I'm not sure how far back it works in IE, but I think it started out as an IE tag. ~Christy who otherwise likes the Iframe
  22. the PHP/MySQL photo gallery I'm currently using is 4images. http://www.4homepages.de/ you can use a translator (like google's) to read the german parts. I've also tried gallery, and liked it, but it didn't do everything I would have liked it to. (wanted to try coppermine, but at the time there was issues with the old site and I stumbled on 4images.) also, if you use Dreamweaver, I believe there's a photo gallery option - point it at an image directory and it'll make pages for you. ~Christy http://gallery.dancers-tale.com
  23. Currently I use Dreamweaver. I started out with a crappy WYSIWYG, hand-coded in Notepad for awhile, used Netscape for awhile for it's easy table making (and then went and fixed the nastyness it created in Notepad), occasionally used Adobe something or other when I was first learning frames, found EditPlus and used that for awhile, and ended up at Dreamweaver. I still know the basics though - I'm just lazy right now!
  24. well, I can see the site, but everytime I put my mouse cursor on a link, it comes up with an "illegal operation" and has to close the window. I'm at school using a Win98 computer with IE5. (I have no idea how well IT updates things over here.) just a heads up incase any of your other visitors are encountering it. ~Christy
  25. criosa


    thanks! I've been asked to add a couple tutorials to one of my sites, but have just been to lazy to do is so far! I'll definitely check this out.
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