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  1. ok, bear with me on this one. I'm a total newb at this how do I get this url: www.somesite.com/index.php?c=NAME&o=1 to look like this: www.somesite.com/NAME/?o=1 This is what I've got so far RewriteRule ^([-_\+A-Za-z0-9]+)$ index.php?c=$1
  2. Can't I do this myself? I want to set the permissions to a config file to 444 so I don't accidently overwrite it, but often enough I need do need to overwrite it. I'd hate to have to keep sending a support ticket everytime I want the permissions changed. The file is located in my public_html directory.
  3. I'm trying to set permissions on one of my files to 444. I've tried using my FTP program and cPanel. I don't get any errors doing it but the permissions always revert back to 644. What's going on? I can't have read-only files or am I missing something here. -- Adam
  4. MaxWebPortal is based on the Snitz Forums which is a very good forums package. MWP is good and there's a lot of support for it. As far as TCH supporting it, I don't think so, unless they have chilisoft asp or something. If you want to go with a php based package, just use phpNuke.
  5. What do you use to write code for your site? I while ago I found this excellant program called Source Edit. It's got to be one of the best editors out there IMO. And it's free too! What do you guys use?
  6. After reading this thread I decided to check out FileZilla. I must say, that's a great FTP package. Being open source makes it even better. I think I found my new FTP program
  7. Google because it's quick loading. I have buttons on my toolbar linking to important sites for quick access to anywhere I need to be.
  8. Call me crazy, but I still use LeechFTP. It's old and development has been discontinued, but I have yet to find an FTP program that's as powerfull and as simple to use as this one. I also like the fact that I can easily compare, based on size, differences between my remote directory and the servers. I've tried all the other popular ones, but just can't pry myself away from LeechFTP.
  9. I don't see an option to specify a mail server. I just found a mod for osCommerce that lets you specify an smtp server, login and password. I'll try installing that and see if it helps.
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