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  1. KW can you add this to the help site. Nice work sour-lime.....
  2. Ok i have to say I am truly amazed. Bill blows me away once again. Offering Dell Dual Xeon Servers with 73GB SCSI Hard Drives and 1GB RAM. These are like $11,000 servers. http://www.dell.com/us/en/biz/products/mod..._pedge_4600.htm
  3. Just a big thing full of water. Thats about all i know. lol
  4. The best of the best is Gallery http://gallery.menalto.com
  5. The real question is What CC is that bike? What year? Is it stock?
  6. It is not the help desk that is causing your problems. One of two problems is happening on your account. You or someone else is already logged in using your account information. or The cookie on your PC for the help desk has been corrupted or is damaged.
  7. http://******:2082 http://******/cpanel http://yourip:2082 http://yourip/cpanel
  8. Jimuni wins the prize. dont forget to chat me tonight, so we can make the exciting announcement in the forums. mikey
  9. SSL Certs are only good for 12 months. SO you would only need to renew the cert at the end of 12 months, as the install fee would not be needed again.
  10. mike@totalchoicehosting.com
  11. Tell your current host the problem is this - The following got wacked with the latest cpanel upgrades - Mysql Priv Tables DBD::mysql perl module Improper permissions in the db and user tables chkservd thinking mysqld was crashed when it was working Tell him to run this at the 'root' command line - /scripts/updatenow /scripts/fixmysql Mikey
  12. Thats cause Im back! Mikey
  13. X theme has issues. Like its never updated, its has known issues and bugs, and oh 50% of the time, it just doesnt work. My thoughts on a control panel are - 1. It must work 2. It must load fast 3. Have the most up to date cPcanel Features 4. Be fully supported by darkorb (cPanel Dev Team) X theme cant do any of the above. Looks are not everything.
  14. TCH has used invision for a long time, and have just recently started to be disappointed in it. I cant speak for everyone here at TCH, but I have noticed (as I just came back from a extended leave) that the db performance has gotten steadly worse. I would suggest (as I have to the owner of TCH) that any one serious about a board look at vB
  15. you know your a redneck... when you climb to the top of the water tower to defend your sisters honor lol
  16. hmmm no that means it will be rolled out in 24 hours. This is what shut up and go away would look like.. Shut up and go away.
  17. Yes We have added it to several servers as a test bed. IT will be rolled out to all of our server with the next 24 hours.
  18. There has been a major push on board clean up here, we have moved tons of stuff around. It may have been moved, deleted or lost. I know that about 100 postings were lost just a couple days ago when we starting moving threads around and so on, I know this only because Bill Kish told me about it. However, we NEVER delete any thread unless its warranted. Why is that people always assume that certain things are done purposely. I dont get that about this biz. There are over 8000 posts on this board, since there are only three admins with delete privys blame one of us. Were adults we can take it Mikey
  19. We do not do price matching. Sorry to loose your business, but I have a feeling you will be back. Mikey
  20. Add this line of code to your root .htaccess file. options -indexes This will stop folder listings thru your entire web site. Mikey
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