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  1. Ok.... checking.... oh wait.... I cant help no domain name was left. Let me know.
  2. Yep, you were misinformed. Sorry The policy of TCH is this. We will install your SSL for $35 dollars USD. If you need to buy one from us... its $35 install fee plus $85 for the cert. I will ask that thepages be updated to reflect the correct policy. Mikey
  3. Looks like Bill rebuilt your DNS zone files about 30 minutes ago. When sites get moved from one server to another sometimes this can happen, after a rebuild of the zone you should be good to rock and roll! Mikey
  4. Lets just say the job at "Big Blue" was not as fun as working here with your guys. I see things are the same here. I look forward to working with everyone again. Thank you and I look forward to working with everyone again. TCH Rocks
  5. Your IP address remains the same, it is not dependent on your laptop. Thanks and have a good day.
  6. We are running a tad behind on new signups. So if your new please be patient, were trying to get new accounts provisioned as fast as possible.
  7. First of all you need to relax. its only a domain Secondly your domain name does not get registered in ALL caps. We have registered thousands of domains with Wild West Domains without a hitch. Its 3:40am EST, so I can not call WWW until in the morning. I conducted a whois on the your domain and it appears it was never purchased. The reason you domain does not come up when typed in your browser has nothing to do with upper/lower case. Type WWW.*****, in fact type, WwW.*****, you will notice that no matter what the combo of upper/lowercase you use it works ever time. Doesnt it? Your domain is not working because it was not registered into the datbase. Meaning the transaction didnt go thru, the credit card was declined, there was a trademark issue with the domain, so on and so forth. As far as the software, there is NO conversion that takes place. Your think there is, but the domains are all registered in lower case. Jackie B. does not work for ***** so I can not explain why you were told that, but she is wrong. I personally have registered 30 or so domains there and it does show it in caps, but as I said it makes no difference to the browser. What is your receipt number for the domain ? I will call them pronto simply provide me with the receipt.
  8. Depends how long ago you signed up?
  9. Yes we take discover, AMEX, Visa and MC
  10. WOW Five minute response time.... I am soooo good!
  11. You need to purchase the domain name. The hosting package you purchased does not include a domain name. I have looked at the account and it appears you still need to purchase the domain name. You can purchase the name on our homepage. Thank you
  12. Use a FTP client to set your permissions. I like www.smartftp.com Its nice!
  13. Sorry we dont have support for Server Side Java...
  14. Unamanged indicates that we setup the server and hand you a username and password. We will maintain the hardware end of it and update the Operating System but thats it. Everything else is on you. Fully managed means we do everything. If your not a linux guru then this is your best bet. Yes dedicated server is all yours. You do what you want with it as long as its within our Terms of Use. We will setup the OS and Cpanel/WHM on all dedicated servers this you dont need to worry about. Thanks
  15. Please remove the test account I placed in your account. I forgot to do so. Glad we figured it out, Mikey
  16. Sorry we dont have coolbreeze installed on the servers. If you could provide me with some information on the skin, maker, cost and so on I could have my manager take a look at it. But the short answer is NO. Not at this time.
  17. About the boards and IP address, you need to log in as ADMIN and that should make the IP addry appear. The copy and paste feature from cpanel should work fine. Give me a URL to see what you did.
  18. Chat me on yahoo or AIM Nic is *****guru Lets see what the %$#@$ is up with your email. Thanks
  19. can you receive email but you can not send email?
  20. Make sure your password is all lower case and that your password in your email client is the same. The error indicates a password problem.
  21. The files need to go inthe public_html folder, make sure you read the script to determine if a special folder name is required, in most cases it is not. You could try to install the script and then use the restore function in cpanel to restore your old db over your new one. I think that is what you were asking. In cpanel - under Databases - click on Manage MYsql then create a DB and add a user its really that simple. Here is some complete docs on MYsql http://www.mysql.com/documentation/index.html
  22. The problem could be your site is to big to publish with FP and FTP. See, we have to set a timeout onthe FTP server to avoid "security" problems. So, because the folks at redmond cant use their head, sometimes. FTP server needs to get a command every so many minutes or it will time out. FP does not send that command. How big is your site?
  23. Hey Welsh! Glad to see you brits here on the SNH forums. Looks like lstover hit the nail on the head for all the topics.
  24. ***** is pleased to announce our line of Dedicated Servers. Here is the link for those that are interested. http://www.*****/dedicated.html
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