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  1. this was posted on my site by one of totalchoice hosting tech, 1, you are in the business of selling 2 things that i know of space and bandwith i have a credit card on file that can be charge any amout for the bandwith i used, free bandwith was never my intention, i'm paying for my site to be on the net 2 read all request ticket, i was leaving long before the *** started 3 the hosting company i'm with now, i was with them from 2 years before you guys 4 no hart feeling with you viewing or joining my site but after leaving you site there was no need to post the remarks you posted on my site, what you do snoop everyone site on totalchoice server 5 thanks for the experience have a great day edited to remove the foul language
  2. hi Jim / borfast i try doing the hyperlinking but it doesn't seems to work, i have a 1meg (wmv) in a subdirectory name 055504 when i add the wmv extension and enable it and then ope up the directory in explorer www.mysite.com/055504/ when i click on the 1 meg video file media player would pop up and give this error Windows Media Player cannot connect to the server. The server name may be incorrect or the server is busy. Try again later. once i disable hotlinking and click on the file it would play ok, this is what i have in the url box to grant access is this correct, i have no subdomain or anything http://mysite.com http://www.mysite.com
  3. i guest i have to go with rickeyz beacause before my domain point to total i was using my ip when i enable the hotlink it black out the img rickeyz how do u setup the ip deny
  4. i have some image on my site that i think people are hyperlinking on their site is there any program that can tell if any of the image is hyperlinked to other site i'm trying to conserve my bandwith
  5. tell me how to access the cpanle i left the info home i was trying
  6. can you give an example that all
  7. hi i just purchase a package i was told i can use (example) to access my site i'm trying to have a friend backup a forum board and i need to give him access to just that folder SAFORUMS how do he connect via Ws_ftp, i already setup the ftp account how does he enter the information where it say ip address or host name to connect based on the info above in red i try but it didn't work
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