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  1. Hi, Is it possible to use PostgreSQL databases on TCH servers, and if it is, is it something i have to install on my domain myself, or will it be installed by TCH management just like MySQL Regards Arve
  2. Hi, I cant seem to get the Login_alias plugin to work properly. It dosent save the alias information i put in, and i cant see it creating the login_alias.pref file mentioned in the INSTALL file Anyone with some suggestions ? Regards, Arve woooot
  3. Hi, I am totally new to .php and just want to know if any of you know of any good and simple php Image galleries avaliable out there. I want an easy to install ( on TCH ) and easy to use php image gallery. If you have any experiences with any good 1's or just know of any good ones, please share ! All tips appreciated ! Regards Silverduck
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