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Crimson Room


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Well, I travelled the room twice, and settled on the audio piece - hit the large knob on the right side twice and was connected to another site. Just not real sure what the site was for - looked like a promo of some sort. The coins beneath his head only change his appearance - you'll see when you get there.


Who's turn now?

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OK, I admit it - I need a hint!! I've opened 3 of the 4 drawers, turned on the cd player, found 3 keys, a battery, a ring, a memo that doesn't seem to have any relevance, a power cord, a cassette tape and an empty CD case. I've clicked til my fingers hurt. PM me if you don't want to give anything away in the forum. B)

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I'm stuck at lvl 2 with the computer. :( I know there must be something, but I can't open the disk drive or anything. I found two items in the second room and the computer room, now I'm stuck.


Don't give me any more links to these. I love them but they drive me INSANE because I'm so bad at solving them! :unsure:

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