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  1. no, you need to tell them exactly what they need to do.
  2. change dbname in config to : ***_wikidb
  3. go into cpanel > backups. you should see a listing of all your databases. click to download.
  4. wordpress 2.1 is out. my upgrade went well.
  5. other tag plugins at the wordpress codex
  6. charle97

    I Am Lost

    I Have Hosting & A Domain, Now What?, a guide for confused beginners! tutorial
  7. an introduction to wordpress feeds
  8. i doubt ruby on rails will allow you to build webpages more quickly than an app written in php, but app development in ruby on rails is supposedly fast.
  9. if they aren't your domain registrar, don't trust them. well i wouldn't trust them.
  10. Build a phpBB Forum in 5 Steps; it's a bit dated, but the tutorial should give you a rough idea. look for a readme/manual file at the top level of the installation package.
  11. charle97


    i'd like to try out typo, which requires ruby on rails. i saw the announcement about ruby on rails coming, but i don't know if we have it yet. if not, i can wait. assuming ruby on rails is installed, would typo be able to run here at tch? here are the requirements: on a side note, i'm clueless about this ruby on rails stuff. i've gone thru perl with movable type and php with wordpress, so i want to see what all the hoopla of ruby on rails is about with typo.
  12. do it. you won't have to pray to the google gods to find your pages. google will already know what's there. if you're using a cms or a blogging system, there are probably utilities available so that you can automagically create a well formatted xml sitemap for google. you can also just list the urls of your pages in a plain text file if you're not able to do the xml. i like xenu for that.
  13. looks like someone is exploiting trackback. there should be a trackback throttle that can be activated to stop floods.
  14. try windows defender. i use that along with ad-aware and spybot. you can change the pagefile size in the control panel. look under system, then advanced, then performance, click on settings, click on advanced tab and look under virtual memory.
  15. create a file called shouts.txt in your shoutbox directory. you may need to change permissions for the shouts.txt file to 777.
  16. wordpress is a "personal publishing platform" and is primarily used for blogging.
  17. no announcement at the site, but you can download it here: http://www.wordpress.org/download/
  18. you'll find an example of how to secure your contact scripts at the bottom of this page about email injection. i do a string length check and "@" check for the contact form fields in my script.
  19. you can probably find something at hotscripts.com. i saw some interesting ones under a search of "survey" with a restriction to php.
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