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Probably the best web-page development editor there is:




HTML-Kit is a full-featured editor designed to help HTML, XHTML and XML authors to edit, format, lookup help, validate, preview and publish web pages. Despite its name and the light download size, HTML-Kit is a multi-purpose tool that has support for several scripting and programming languages.


Anyone else use it?

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I just use EditPlus 2...


It'd be nice if there was a way for TCH to get us a built-in WYSIWYG editor, much like Geocities has embedded into it's editors...


But that's high-level stuff and they probably don't want to work out something like that. I imagine it would take a long, long time to get working correctly.

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I'm a huge fan of HTML-Kit as well.


It's one of those programs that is great whether you're new to webdesign or are an old hack.


It has syntax highlighting, built in ftp capabilities, full featured text replace, colour picking....


I recommend it to anyone who will listen :dance:

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Wow, I just decided to download it for a kick because you mentioned it, savaka. I'm always looking for good tools :dance: Anyway, I use Dreamweaver 4 and occasionally Homesite but I think I am about to dump them all. I really really like what I see right off the bat. It's kind of overwhelming because it can do so much but I love that customizability of my tools.


Thanks for the suggestion!

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Just thought I would add my two cent to this thread.


I was looking for a tool for html, php and mysql. I had been back and forth and looked at several both free and pay for.


Based on the discussion above I downloaded html-kit and took a look.


Well a website and several perl scripts later I am sold on it. It is the editor I have been looking for since I moved of DEC VAXes and lost TPU. I just need to figure out how to setup a learn sequence.


The built in scripting language for developing plugins is fantastic. I was amazed at how fast I was able to develop a plugin to execute the perl script in the editor window and put the output in the Output window.



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