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Flash banner not displaying for all

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Okay, here it is, I am trying to add a flash banner to my website again, but for some reason its not coming up....




It should be on top of the top line, but it doesnt want to play right...any ideas...



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The flash with the spinning frame and red text? That loads OK for me.



Yes thats it, but for soem reason, it wont come up on some other peoples computers...Could it be the computers issue and not the servers?>...

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One thing to note, as of tomorrow (10th April), Microsoft will begin pushing out a IE update which will affect the way the objects embedded into IE work, this includes flash.


Make sure you test your page after getting the update to see how it effects it



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omg, ROB! You have been using the net without fashplayer this long?!?!?!



(Soo easy, a caveman could do it) :)

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I use it for limited ads or simple presentations. Had to recently talk someone out of building a FLASH INTRO (with nothing else on page). Can't stand them myself and they can negatively impact rankings.


And now that IE has that patch that requires user to click to activate each menu choice in a flash piece, I am REALLY glad I talked him out of the flash intro that had a grid style menu on it.

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