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Hi sodbayar,


A separate page is loaded within the IFRAME. I'm geussing you would like to have the iframe more or less be invisible in this case? You can do this by removing the border of the iframe and changing the background color of the page that is loaded within the iframe.


Also you might want to have a look at www.w3.org and view their online html reference.


Excuse me if I misunderstood your question :D



Hope it helps.



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I am just starting to use iframe in the portfolio pages, I have 1 without scroll and 1 with.


Take a look at http://www.greatfolios.com/julielaclair and look at the code if this helps you....


(please, no laughing at the code mess on the page....)


Bill McCord


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You can always use a scrollable DIV tag which works IMHO better then using annoying IFRAMEs


How would one go about doing this? I didn't know that was possible. I use iframe on my site, and would love to know of an alternative.




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Another thing about I-Frames to remember is to leave some sort of menu or return link to your main page. That way if a search engine links to this page, the visitor finding your page through the search engine won't be lost on where to go to see more great content!

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:D Thanks. I hated it as a kid. No personalized pencils, license plates for the bicycle, name plates for the light switch...you know. I had even asked my Mom for permission to petition a judge to have my name changed when I was 12. She's a smart Mom and pretty much laughed me out of the room. :D
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