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  1. hey guys. i've got an email adress with this server's provided service (neomail) and i'd like to be able to check my mails at my phpnuke site's webmail section. but i need to know some things like what's its pop server and port etc... can any one help me. thanx
  2. hehe i misread your questions m8. and sorry. you should extract it wherever you like and then you upload the files in html to the folder you created for the phpnuke. but remember to create a database in cpanel. and edit the config.php page i mean give it the details of your database.!!!and uplaod it again.
  3. yeah, but what shall i put if i want to import my mails from my www.mail.lycos.com account? how do i know their pop server and the port. anyone know this help meeee
  4. i think i know that first you have to extract the files to C:\MySQL folder i think you should dl the latest mysql 4.0 from here mysql maybe it has a installer so you don't have to worry about anything just start it and install.
  5. hey guys, i installed a phpnuke 6.5 on my server and want to use the webmail. but the first thing i wanna do is to know something about pop server, username, password and port. what i mean is in the pop server field what should i put??? i have no idea about those pop servers
  6. hi, i am sorry for the violation. if u see it i just used free domain for my subdomain and it's not even redirect. i had this free noob-ownage.tk domain for my clan and i created the clan site here, so i had to forward it. if it really is a violation, i'll stop it. thank you sodbayar
  7. hey i guys, i am getting this error. how can i fix it, what could be the cause? http://www.sbmgl.com/noob and where can i see the server error log???
  8. hey thanx for the answers guys. i solved it. i just created a simple index.html page and put go to url on load to www.noob-ownage.tk and that's it. http://www.noob-ownage.tk check it out.
  9. hello guys. i got a subdomain like this: www.sbmgl.com/noob .. i wanted my visiters to visit this site not by typing www.sbmgl.com/noob so i registered for a free .tk and my url is www.noob-ownage.tk but i want to it to work like if someone types www.noob-ownage.tk then i want it to forward to www.sbmgl.com/noob not redirect it. please help me. :thanx
  10. sodbayar


    oh ok, i guess i'll just use java then. thanx for the answers. i haven't actually uploaded that part of my site lianne thanx anyway.
  11. sodbayar


    hey guys, i got a question about iframe. is there any code or something to create an iframe that is transparent.?? i mean the background. help me if you know anything. thanx
  12. hey thanx andy. thats a really nice simple explanation. thnx very much.
  13. Amd AthlonXP 2000 Mhz 60Gb hard disk 48x CD RW 16X DVD ROM DVD RW ( i wish:)) GeForce 4 Ti 4200 15 inch Samsung Sync Master 152t monitor Creative speaker etc......................
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