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  1. No hurry...I'm still waiting to hear from my area trainer and others as to what to put on it, so the "under construction" page may be up for a while (I'm sure everyone knows how annoying it is to have to 'run it by corporate' )
  2. Hi I just bought my second hosting package from TCH, and I couldn't be happier! I would love to have my new domain, http://carolinasmartpets.com, added to the family. I noticed that the family page is now split into commercial/non-profit/personal sites, so I thought I'd explain mine: It's going to be a meeting place for myself and my fellow Carolinas Petsmart Pet Trainers, as well as an info center for our clients/potential clients. I'm not sure where you'd put it, as it isn't REALLY affiliated w/ Petsmart in any way, so it's not a "commercial' site, per se. And it definitely isn't a personal site, though it really isn't non-profit either. I'll trust ya'll to make the right call on it
  3. *is a dork* I must have not read everything correctly...I wasn't aware that there was a newer one, lol! Either way, I did end up getting it installed and working, but the templating system was a bit confusing, so I found an even better (and more powerful,) script to use.
  4. Ok, then that's what I'm confused about...I just added a user from a dropdown list, and I've never been asked to make up a password for any of the users because phpBB did all of that automatically I guess (and like i mentioned, up til now, that's the only context in which I messed with SQL or phpMyAdmin at all.) I guess the next question is how do I add a user to that dropdown list that it gives me to choose a user from? [EDIT] Ok, so I am a total moron. I found where to create a new user. Anyway, did that, updated the config file in question with the new info, yadda, yadda, yadda. Still getting this error message, though: "Cannot connect to the MySQL server. Please check your variables and re-upload the config.php file or try again later." [ANOTHER EDIT] Arrrrg! On the FAQ for the directory script, I found this: And TCH runs PHP Version 4.3.8. So that means that this is hopeless, correct?
  5. The only DB's I've ever messed with have been the ones auto created by the turnkey install od phpBB from CPanel, but now I have a links directory script that I'm trying to manually install. It required a DB, so I created a new one, and I added myself as a user (with all privledges,) from the dropdown box. My problem is that when I run the config.php file for this script, it says it can't connect to the DB. I just wanted to find out if the default password for the DB is my pass that I use to log onto CPanel? If so, then something else in the config file isn't right, and I'm not quite sure what...
  6. I'm getting this small error message on my Horde inbox page, though everything seems to be working correctly:
  7. Ok, here's the deal: I'm working on a Vince Vaughn fansite, and would like to put up a "You be the Critic" page, where visitors could submit reviews for each of his movies. This brings me to question one...can I have completely seperate instances of the simple guestbook running in one subdomain? If not, disregard question two. Question two...can I control how the confirmation, view guestbook, and manage guestbook pages look with CSS (for text size/color and scrollbar coloring only)? I know I can change the BG color in the template, and add link coloring elements to the <body> tag, but I'd like the font, font size, and CSS rollover link colors to match the rest of the site. Also, is there a way to format how the collected info is laid out? I'm not sure if it's just me, but that part seems wonky. Any help will be appreciated!
  8. Yay! thank you And like I said, no real rush on the eval...
  9. Thanks Rob, worked great...although I do feel a bit dumb now, lol!
  10. Try their support forums @ http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/ or the other site @ http://www.phpbbhacks.com/forums/ Both are very helpful with this kind of thing Thumbs Up
  11. Well the thread title pretty much sums up my question, but I was just wondering if it's possible to do the turnkey installation through Cpanel to a subdomain...on the install screen, I only see the option "http://justbishop.com/ [textarea]" Or would I need to download the entire phpbb package from them and ftp it to the subdomain myself?
  12. A search engine rank evaluation would be great as well, but there's no rush on this
  13. Haha! They must have fixed it already Rock Sign
  14. I just tried to get to my Cpanel and got this error message: Do I need to enter a support ticket?
  15. As requested: http://www.fangirlonline.com FANGIRL Fangirl is a community in which to share and discuss the fandoms of the *squeeee* -ing kind At present time, we have very active Images, Fanfic, and General forums, and our membership of hip, mature media junkies seems to be growing by leaps and bounds! Our link back to Total Choice is in the footer of each of our pages, along with the applicable phpBB copyright info Thank you in advance!
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