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  1. Currently, it's possible to see visitors broken down by country. I've seen other systems break it down by state as well. Is there a way to configure any of the stats programs to get this info? Thanks!
  2. I'm a new customer and my Awstats just seems to have finally started working. However, it's been showing an absurdly low numbers of stats since yesterday (I know it's low because webalizer is showing much higher ones), and in fact the number hasn't changed at all since yesterday. How often does it update? Is there a way to make it update more frequently, especially if it's soon to be the only stats package we have?
  3. I'd like to alter my config file for webalizer--but I can't find it in my TMP folder. What should it be called??
  4. Is there a way to use CPanel's mailing list feature to set up an announce-only list that subscribers cannot post to? Seems like there should be, but I didn't see any mention of it in the documentation.
  5. I'm new to using cPanel, but I've read all the documentation and cannot seem to find one piece of very basic information. I hope I'm not overlooking something obvious. I'm trying to set up a mailing list that is announcement-only...i.e., subscribers cannot post to it, only the list administrator can. Is there an option for setting it this way, and if so, where? Thanks!
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