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  1. I am running into problems with publishing with Frontpage 2003 on my sites at Total Choice Hosting. I have 30 websites that I manage and when I run into a problem, I have to reinstall Frontpage Extensions which is very time consuming. After submitting several tickets concerning this problem, I am told that Frontpage was designed for Windows servers and will not work as well on Total Choice Linux based servers. Has anyone else had this problem and if you did, what did you do to correct the problem?
  2. I have developed a website for an organization and it is available for public viewing. Now, they would like a section to be for "Members Only" where members would register and be assigned a username and password automatically. This would be for online registration of events, discussion forums and possibly other options. Does anyone know of some inexpensive software that would be supported on TCH servers that I could generate pages for the restricted area of the website.
  3. Can someone tell me if I am correct in assuming that if I have spam assassin enabled and spam box disabled, most spam mail will be deleted and not retrievable. But, the purpose of spam box is to put the suspected spam in a box that can be checked if necessary. Am I right in my assumptions?
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