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  1. Cool. I'm gonna open a ticket with the help desk now.
  2. I'm in the process of having my site redesigned. My site I have you hosting is www.dnstorage.com The people in charge of redesigning my site need my ftp username, password, host name & cpanel logins. How do I find out where to get this stuff?
  3. Hey peeps, I have a "slight" problem. My website www.dnstorage.com is being hosted by y'all. However, I've lost my password to log into it. I also can't seem to login under my admin account. I don't recall what the secret question was. When I clicked the optioon to retrieve my password, I got a blank space & below it was a window to type my answer. Problem is that the question wasn't visible & thus was unable to answer it. Is there a way someone can reset it or something that can be done so I can log into it? I haven't been able to log in as admin for several days now. :-(
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