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  1. I have figured out how to create a MySQL database and populate it with data (although primitive at this stage). I know that I need to use PHP scripts to access the database from a website. Can anyone point me in the right direction for appropriate scripts that are designed for MySQL? I will need a member login script, and scripts to access other data via the website, such as conference dates for example. thanks Rick
  2. I have had need to call on TCH support several times over the last week or so. On each of those occasions, it has been Alex Spafford who has responded to my live chat or support ticket. I just wanted to comment that he has given great support. It has always been very timely, and the problems have been solved quickly and fully. Well done Alex! Rick
  3. I want to open another account with TCH for a site I am rebuilding. This site is currently with another host. I want to rebuild the site first, on the new TCH account, then transfer the domain to the new site. I can't remember if TCH provides a temporary URL so I can work on the site, while the current site remains live on the other host, then redirect the domain name servers to TCH in a couple of months. thanks Rick
  4. Thanks Jim. In this case, I designed the site some time ago, using Dreamweaver. Now the client wants to make some changes himself, using Fronpage. However he says he can get read only access, not permission to modify. I have given him FTP access, and installed Frontpage extensions. Should I be doing anything else to give him write access with Frontpage? Rick
  5. Well in that case... Let him mess it up... LoL <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes! But how? He claims he cannot access with Front Page, but I have given him FTP access, which works, and enabled Front Page extensions. What else must I do?
  6. Jason, thanks for the timely advice. The problem is that it is his site, and he wants to play with it himself! But I do have a backup! Rick
  7. Steve, thanks for your reply. I do want to give him FTP access to the entire site (not cpanel). I have set him up as an FTP user, and he can access FTP OK. The problem is that he wants to access with MS Front Page, and says that when he tries to logon, he is only allowed read access. Apart from enabling Front Page extensions, is there anything else I need to do, in addition to the FTP access, to give him full access with Front Page? thanks Rick
  8. Hello, I have given one of my users FTP access to modify our site. However he wants to use MS Front Page to do the site mods. I have enabled Front Page extensions in cpanel. He says the FTP access is fine, but says he has read only access with Front Page, and no permission to modify. Could you please advise how to give him access to public_html to modify the site (but not cpanel access) thanks Rick
  9. Thanks Dick, I got that working fine, to set-up new email accounts. Is it possible to do something similar, to give a user access to all aspects of the email part of cpanel, without full cpanel access? thanks Rick
  10. Thanks Dick, I got the AWStats access working fine. But did it slightly differently re the security issue. I followed the instruction in the downloaded file, which advises to create a new config.php, which refers to the "real" config.php, which I put in a new folder outside the public_html folder - works fine. Now I am trying to do the same to allow access for a user to manage the email options, without giving full cpanel access, but have a few questions: 1) I created the newmail.php file advised in your earlier post, and changed the relevant areas. However I can't see where in the script to put the username and password of the user I want to give access to. 2) Where should the new newmail.php file be put? 3) Does this script create a logon page for the user, and what will be the URL to access the logon and mail options? thanks Rick
  11. That way it can't be accessed by FTP. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I would appreciate if you can advise me where to put the "require_once('/home/cpaneluser/safe/config.php')" reference. thanks Rick
  12. Hi, I currently have a hosting account with TCH, for my website which is a .com domain name. I intend to register the same name in the .com.au domain, and would like to make this the primary domain name for my current website. I would then point the .com name to the .com.au website. With my TCH hosting account, can I switch the domain from the .com to the .com.au domain name? thanks Rick
  13. Thanks Andy. your very fast response is much appreciated. Rick <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Andy, I would appreciate if you could explain more about MX records, and how it results in the emails going to a separate server. thanks Rick
  14. Thanks Andy. your very fast response is much appreciated. Rick
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