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  1. I better leave the important stuff to our webmaster, but thank you Thomas
  2. I believe I'm guilty of clicking on a shopping thingie ... ... sooooooooooorrry ... might need a crash course for dummies on what not to touch in C-panel ...
  3. Thanks, I hadn't seen the php one before. I've never worked with either MySql or php but I'll try. I did block the IP but it's like closing the barn doors after the horse. B*****rds got all 18000 pages of my archives. Ty
  4. Hope I'm in the right place for this. I was just looking over AwStats in the 'browsers' section and noticed one called TelePort Pro and apparently it is an offline browser. Well it looks like it downloaded my entire site - all 18,000+ pages of it!! 16.5% of my traffic and bandwidth. I do not like this idea at all, not one bit. Is there anyway to keep it out?? Thanks, any help on this will be greatly appreciated. I probably do know how to do this but I'm a bit too freaked to think about it clearly. - Ty
  5. Andy's suggestion is good too. I don't recall if the .htaccess file has to be created or not though I don't think so. I should also mention that the .htaccess file is not visible using FTP clients but you should find it in your File Manager. - ty
  6. If you go to the "Cute Site Builder & Cute FTP" section of these forums you may find what you need. ty
  7. I created a new folder within my public_html and simply named it 404. I put all my error docs and images in there. Next add the following line to your .htaccess file ErrorDocument 404 http://yoursite.com/404/my404page.html That should do the trick! ty
  8. Thanks Rick, makes sense and I know that'll sort itself out. I even tried to put a meta tag refresh/redirect up at the old place but they have locked me out completely. It's the email thing bothers me a bit . I even set up a test mailbox here, using an address I never had before and the mail I sent bounced back. Very odd.
  9. Still getting those odd usage stats. Nameserver propagated about 24 hours ago so I figured it would clear up. Another odd thing - I'm getting reports of visitors ending up on my site at the old host.( I know it's true because the welcome pages are different) A lot of the site email is going to the old mailbox as well. Is this normal? I didn't have anything like this happen with moving my other 2 sites. I know - give it another day or so...no problem (I hope) http://lyricsplayground.com/ or I'd be curious if anyone else ends up at 2 places too. ...afraid of cross-threading...... Ty (aka Boxturt)
  10. Ok Jim, will do. Thank you kindly.
  11. Hi! I'm showing some odd readings in Cpanel for disk usage. Last night it was 68mb used, which is about twice what I uploaded. I assumed at that point it was showing me a "write buffer" (like in Windows properties). Today I have 0.01. Odd Site hasn't propagated yet from "other" host so perhaps this will stabalize when I go "live"? Just curious. Ty (aka Boxturt) P.S. Thanks to Bill and TCH crew for helping me get this going so quickly!!
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