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  1. Thanks Madmanmcp and Thomas. That is good to know.
  2. here is the markup for the link: ><a href="search.php" onmouseout="MM_swapImgRestore()" onmouseover="MM_swapImage('Image74','','images/mainbutton_30.gif',1)"><img src="images/main_30.gif" name="Image74" width="121" height="185" border="0" id="Image74" /></a> Like Thomas said, it goes to "search.php", which is returning an error indicating that the script is trying to access an non-existent database table. Has this link worked as you expected in the past, or is the blog a new feature on your site? edit: Getting a level deeper into your site, I see that you have a nav menu along the top of the page, in which the rightmost link is for "search". The anchor tag for that link also goes to search.php, and as expected, the non-existent table error comes up when accessing it. Has the search function worked before? if it has, have you made any changes to the database?
  3. After using IE8 for a few hours, I've decided to keep it. FF is still my browser of choice, but this one has its merits. I haven't fully checked out its compliance, but it is certainly no worse than IE7, and I like the accelerators feature. BTW -- that is probably a good thing, because after doing a bit of research, I don't think that my idea about being able to return to 7 using a restore point would have worked anyway.
  4. Pretty cool, Thomas. My favorite is the Web 2.Origami.
  5. I have IE, but Firefox is my browser of choice. I just installed IE8, after setting a restore point just in case its a total piece of crap. Actually, I'll need the restore point since I plan to revert to IE7 after checking out 8 for a day or so. I'm just interested to see if this browser is compliant as advertised.
  6. Hi Kevin, Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the input. I'm ok with the virtual machine concept. I go back to the IBM System/370 days when they had a mainframe VM operating system that was used by many companies that were outgrowing DOS/VS. On this machine, I want to keep my configuration fairly consistent with that of my desktop at home, the desktop that I use at work, and with the desktop that I use in my wife's clinic. I don't really have a need or desire at this time to run Vista on any of those machines, therefore as long as I can still buy a pc with XP Pro, regardless of whether it is called a downgrade or upgrade, I'm content with one OS.
  7. Dual boot or virtual machine is not something that I am going to try at this time. I want to keep my configuration as simple as possible. Dell offers an option for XP Pro "downgrade" on several of the laptops and desktops purchased through their small business division.
  8. Yes, an application requirement. One of the programs that I use will not run on Vista. To upgrade the Vista compatible version, it would cost about $2500. As for cheap, If I can get the job done without spending money, then that is a good thing. I hate to spend money -- I AM cheap.
  9. Thank you all for the feedback. I've had really good luck with Dell desktops, and they do offer some good deals right now on laptops. At $800 for a computer that I am going to stuff into a bag and lug all over creation, I figure that if I get two or three years out of it before it shoots craps, then I got my money's worth. Madmanmcp/Bob -- of the dead or ailing Dell laptops that you have seen, are they mostly Inspiron, Vostro, Latitude, or an even mix of all models?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, JTD. I'm sure that the HP DV7 is a nice machine, but if I configure it with XP Pro, which I must do because of an application requirement, it would put me over budget. BTW, I didn't see an option for an XP downgrade on the HP site or on newegg.com, but I presume that the option is listed somewhere in the fine print. I'm leaning toward the Latitude, but have several more days before this special offer expires. Any one else have a suggestion?
  11. Thanks for the pic, Bill. All cables laced and labeled. Looking good !!!
  12. I need to buy a laptop. My needs are pretty simple, but I do want a screensize in the 14-15" range, XP Pro, dual core processor, 2GB ram, 160GB hard drive, a CD R/W/DVD drive, and wireless connection. Also, I don't want to spend over $800US. Dell has a few machines through their small business division that meet those requirements. One is a Vostro 1510 configuration that is currently offered at $529US. This includes 15.4" screen, Windows XP Pro "downgrade", Intel T5870 processor, 3GB ram, 250GB hard drive, Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100, 8X DVD+/-RW, Dell Wireless 1395 802.11g Wi-Fi Internal Card, 1 year warranty. If I upgrade the processor from a T5870 to T7520 for $50, the total price is $579. Another that I am considering is a Latitude E5400 configuration that is currently offered at $749US. This includes 14.1" screen, Windows XP Pro "downgrade", Intel T7520 processor, 2GB ram, 160GB hard drive, Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD, 8X DVD R/W, Dell Wireless™ 1397 802.11b/g Mini Card, 3 year warranty. On paper, either of these configurations will be sufficient for my needs. However, other than in pictures, I haven't seen or touched either of these machines. Reading a couple of online forums, I have read that the Latitude casework and keyboard are a lot sturdier and more durable than the Vostro. If that is the case, that plus the additional warranty might be worth the extra $$ for me, but I am looking for some feedback to help qualify and quantify what I have read. Have any of you used either or both of these machines? opinions?
  13. meld OOPS!!! I must have forgotten which thread I was in.
  14. Back in November, when I posted the response above, my site with a script using ImageMajick was on an old server in an associate data center. After a recent move to a new server in TCH NOC, I noticed that thumbnails that users uploaded were not being generated. I figured that it was probably due to the ImageMajick library being in a different location, but did not raise a ticket. The script will also use GD, so I just switched the config file to point to GD for thumbnail generation. So, if you need ImageMajick, I would echo Bruce's recommendation to submit a ticket.
  15. I turned 59 earlier this month. Most of the time, I still think that I am about 25, until I catch a glimpse of that old bald headed fart in the mirror. As we get older, the need to eat right, get sufficient sleep, exercise regularly, and stay mentally engaged in a variety of activities is an absolute necessity in maintaining good physical and mental health. Also, I think that it is important to recognize the benefits of aging. I like to tell those younger than me that one of those benefits is that I now make a jackass of myself a lot less frequently than I did when I was 30 -- granted, I still do it from time to time, but a lot less frequently. I cherish the memories of the past, of simpler times, but I think, for so many reasons, that this is the greatest time to be alive. The advances that we have seen in technology are mind boggling, giving us all access to more information and venues for communication than we would have even dreamed possible several decades ago. The world is ever becoming a smaller place, and boundaries of nationality and ethnicity are not as firm nor as restrictive as they once were. We an sit in our homes, and use a variety of appliances to gain access to an international collection of information, and to a seemingly infinite number of venues for the exchange of ideas. And, if you can't find a venue for the exchange of information and ideas that you want, then you can easily create your own without spending a fortune. This is a wonderful time to be alive.
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