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  1. Thanks youneverknow, as much as color coding works it does not make up for clean and proper cable management. Especially in a datacenter envrironment. Bill, I have to say it looks like you have your cables tight and neat. kudos to you and the entire TCH team for taking care of business. I like the kvm connections as well. I seem to never have enough of them Even youy power chords Duals are wire tied , I like that very much I probably should have taken pictures of the servers as well My shot shows the patch panels where all rack switches connect. my server racks are very similar to yours none the less.. proper cable management is key. Great job
  2. that very well may be true, but in my environment, it is not what I did, it is what I inhertited. If I could take down the production servers and do cable management it really would make my life a lot easier. When the datacenter moves in 2010 I have a chance to do just that. In the interim as systems get powered off or have issues, we try to move them to a newer rack where we have cleaner cabling.
  3. I just hope that each patch panel has tags to which switch it goes to in which cabinet lol I hate chasing cables to ports which most likely are on switches which have multiple Vlans conencting to other patch panels LOL and lord knows I hope they are color coding the connections... othersie surrender. here is one of the many racks we have...as you can see having wires exposed is just a nature of the beast.
  4. I was sitting here thinking how over the years we have hidden ourselves behind the Internet..(well most of us anyways).... Some of us have actually met and ...thinking back on those meets... just reminds me how time flys.. I had not logged into Yahoo in ...I could not tell you how long, yet when I logged on I was met with a lot of the people-Friends that I remembered from days past. It has been good chating with you all and I hope the years have been kinder to you then they have to me LOL the belly is a bit bigger the hair a little greyer.. the crows feet a little more defined ..... such is life lol I hope to see you all in the future again so we can sit back and laugh about remember when! Robert
  5. I am very sorry to hear of the news that Don (aka Turtle) passed on. He was more then a friend... as he was a great inspiration to us all. Don brought forth the many qualities in life that we all try to reach. ( a humanitarian, a soul searching religious Man, a caring and sensual man) among the many other strengths that he held. To hear of his passing sad enough.. May God have mercy on his soul and may he rest in peace! Robert M.
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