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  1. Spam Karma 2? Is that a Monty Python routine? LOLOL Thanks guys, I'll check it out.
  2. Thank you Thomas. I just saw that on my WP dashboard when I went in to delete some spam. I'll update mine tonight.
  3. Thanks Carl, but no apology is necessary. I understand the reason for the delay; I was just concerned that perhaps the ticket had somehow gone into the bit bucket. You did fix the problem, and I responded in the support ticket. My thanks to all of you at TCH for the excellent support. --Bob
  4. Bill, thank you for the response. You guys are usually so fast in resolving problems that the 12 hour lapse had me wondering if maybe the ticket was no longer in the system. I'll watch my email and wait for updates. Thanks again, Bob
  5. When a Help Desk ticket is turned over to Level 2 support, is the customer supposed to do something to affect the turnover? I submitted a ticket for a problem on one of my sites last night -- OQC-92798. This morning the staff member who was working the problem posted in the ticket that it was being turned over to Level 2 Support. When I view the ticket, it shows as being open, but there has been nothing else posted there by anyone from Tech Support for almost 12 hours. I wonder if I am supposed to submit another ticket, or if there might be a problem in the turnover process such that level 2 support is unaware of the ticket being open. Please advise.
  6. OK, we can monitor that, and upgrade if necessary. Thanks for answering my concerns, Bruce. It looks like I'll be bringing you guys another customer in a few days. --Bob
  7. Thank you for the quick response, Bruce. I am really trying to avoid potential problems. Can you explain more about what type of resource consumption and what level would warrant suspension? Or, am I just being overly paranoid here?
  8. I have a three sites on Total Choice now, and I have been very happy with the service. Currently, I am designing a site for some friends who have a band, and I have planned to have them open a Total Choice account, but reading some posts regarding streaming audio and shared accounts, I want to make sure that this will be acceptable. The advice that I have seen given to people asking about streaming audio is something to the effect that only http: and flash methods are acceptable on shared server accounts. I need some clarification on this before proceeding. Here is what I am trying to do, and how it is set up. One of the key features of the site is that a song will play when the home page opens, and that the person viewing the site will be able to select from a menu of 8 or 9 songs to hear. Using a flash music player that I borrowed from a phpBB mod that I have on the forum on one of my sites. I have the player embedded in the main page, like this: ><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="emff_lila.swf?src=musicfile.mp3&autostart=yes&streaming=yes" width="110" height="34"> <param name="movie" value="emff_lila.swf?src=musicfile.mp3&autostart=yes&streaming=yes"> <param name="quality" value="high"> <param name="bgcolor" value="#000000"> </object> I wrote a php script that selects the appropriate .mp3 file and puts that address in the object tag, and the whole thing works really well, but I just want to ask: Is this what you mean by "flash method" ? The band is unknown, and I seriously doubt that the hits on the site will create any bandwidth usage problems for a long time, (unless the guys get famous, then they will be able to afford a dedicated server - LOL). I'm just trying to make sure that doing this on a shared server account won't create any policy violations with Total Choice. Thanks, Bob
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