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  1. I installed gallery through the fantastico interface and I am unable to get an of the thumbs to actually generate. I did a bit of digging and it seems that the software is unable to find imagemagick on the server. I have tried the folowing /usr/bin /usr/bin/convert /usr/local/bin /usr/local/bin/convert /usr/local/bin/ I am on the Hansolo Server is that helps
  2. I would just like to add something here. I just installed coppermine on one of my servers tonight and took the advice for the path to ImageMagick but it didn't work. What I used was /usr/local/bin so then I changed it to /usr/local/bin/ and it worked like a charm. So if anyone else is having trouble it may be as simple as needing the trailing slash to work.
  3. Here is my workarea , truely a work area, LOL. I guess It's time to clean up a bit.
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