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  1. All sites functioning properly this morning. Thank you!
  2. Thank you Bill. I've been with TCH for over 11 years, and you guys have always provided an excellent service. I am confident that you will get this one sorted out too.
  3. I am also having problems with sites on Beadle, and can't even access cPanel. I just submitted a help desk ticket, and hope that this gets resolved soon.
  4. I submitted a help desk ticket this morning at 8:12. Nine minutes later, Bryan Abraham responded, advising that the problem was resolved. I have been a customer now for almost 10 years, and, while I have always been happy with the level of service that TCH provides, I think that is a record for fast response to a trouble ticket. Thanks to Bryan and to the rest of the TCH staff. You guys rock!
  5. You probably have already gotten help with this, but just in case you haven't, I'll offer a few ideas. Are you backing up through the phpbb admin control panel, or via cPanel? If you are using the phpbb backup system in ACP, your backup is probably exceeding the max execution time. The server that you are on probably is set to the php default of 30 seconds. The bad thing about how the phpbb script works is that you don't get a warning if that has happened; you just get an incomplete backup. Or at least that is the way that it used to work -- I quit the forum that I had a couple of years ago when 3.0.08 was the current release. I realized one day that although the content on my forum was growing, the size of my backup file had stopped getting larger, and then started digging into the matter. My problem was solved by using the cPanel backup function instead of the phpbb backup script.
  6. Hey TCH Gurus -- the redesigned site looks great!!! Good job!
  7. I've been a satisfied cutomer of Total Choice Hosting now for over seven years. I seldom have problems with any of my sites, but when I do, Tech Support always comes through to get it resolved. Case in point: today, I submitted a help desk ticket because of a DNS problem with one of my sites. In less than 10 minutes, Alex fixed the problem, and closed the ticket. That's service that in today's world is uncommonly great, but for TCH it seems to be the norm. Thanks Alex and the rest of the staff for always providing a superb product and great support.
  8. Ritsuko, my much better half, really likes her newly resurrected netbook running Ubuntu. This evening, I finally convinced her to let me use her computer long enough to check out some of the programs that you guys have suggested. Installing software is amazingly simple! I had enough time to install GIMP. I'll have to experiment with it a bit before having an opinion. I'll use it some more when I have time, and then I'll check out the text editors. This is great! I'm really happy to see that there are so many here who have experience and expertise with Ubuntu.
  9. All -- thanks for the feedback and the advice. Bala -- I think that I might have already stumbled upon and installed the ubuntu-restricted-extras package. I'll check it out, and if I haven't then I'll install it. Thanks for the suggestion. Steve -- Thanks for sharing your experience. I think that I would also find it difficult to do without Notepad++. If I install Ubuntu on one of the computers that I frequently use (which I surely will eventually), then I would need to find a good, free alternative. Also, I would need to find a good, free alternative to Paint.net. The Paint.net alternative might already be there, and I just haven't dug into already installed software to use it. My first goal was to get it set up with applications that my wife uses, and turn it over to her. So far, my wife hasn't identified any shortcomings. She uses her netbook primarily for internet access, image/video storage and viewing, word processing and spreadsheet. Since we use Open Office on all of our computers, including the one in her office, I was glad to see that there is a version of OO packaged with Ubuntu, so that document exchange between our computers is not an issue. It is interesting that you mentioned the sound. One of my first observations was that the sound and image quality seemed to be better than when it ran Windows 7 Starter. I didn't know if that was a valid observation, or if my perception was being skewed because I was just so happy to have found such a great, free alternative to Windows. This has been, and will continue to be an interesting project. I really appreciate the feedback and advice, and if you guys think of anything else that I should be aware of, please let me know.
  10. One of my projects this weekend has been to repair and restore my wife's HP Mini 210 Netbook. Two months out of warranty, the hard drive shot craps a few days ago. What a bummer that was; she really liked the computer. It was perfect for her, and she wanted me to either fix it or replace it with a new one of the same model. After doing a little research, I found that buying a compatible replacement HDD locally was a no-brainer - the local Best Buy stores stock a couple of Western Digital Scorpio Blue notebook compatible SATA drives for about $60, and physically removing and replacing the drive is about a 5 minute job. The problem is that we didn't have any recovery media for the little computer. I had all the data backed up on another computer, but had no way to re-install the operating system. Once I replaced the drive, and successfully ran all the diagnostics, I really wanted to move on and get this thing running. Searching the HP website, I didn't see an option to download a disk image of the installation media. The best I could do was to pay $40, and wait a week for them to mail a USB drive with the recovery media (the netbook doesn't have an optical drive). I figured that paying the $40 was just paying for my mistake of not having created a recovery disk image back when the computer was running, so I was resigned to part with the cash, but I really didn't want to have to wait. Then I remembered talking with a few people in the past who have converted to Ubuntu. I went to the Ubuntu website, downloaded an installation disk image, burned it on a DVD, plugged a USB DVD reader into the netbook, fired it up, and the operating system installed flawlessly. After installing, it took a while to get used to the navigating, but by the time that I reinstalled the programs that she needs, and transferred her images, videios, music, and data, I felt pretty comfortable with it. The biggest setback was when I set up the Japanese language input method editor, and accidently switched all the menus to Japanese. That took me about an hour to figure out how to undo what I had done, slowed down by having to pick through the menus and translate enough to figure out where I was in the settings utility. Oh well, it gave me a chance to learn more about using the operating system. After all that was done, I gave my wife a brief tutorial on navigating the new operating system, and she has been using it now for the last day and a half. It seems like a really nice OS, and operationally, she likes it better than Windows 7, and finds it easier to use overall.
  11. I've been out for a while, and just checked response forms on our sites on Columbus and Ft Worth. Everything works now. Many thanks to all of the TCH Gurus for all of your hard work today.
  12. All is well here. Thanks again. Y'all probably still have a lot of work to do in analyzing what happened, and monitoring, but I hope that the TCH staff can get away form the computers for a while and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. Thanks, and happy Memorial Day!!
  13. sites on Ft Worth are working now. Thanks again to TCH for the quick resolution of such a large scale problem on a holiday weekend.
  14. Diane, log into your cPanel, and you will see the server name.
  15. My sites on columbus are fixed. Bill, thanks to you and your excellent staff for the quick response.
  16. 2005 here too, Garth. Never seen anything even close to this happen here. I'm confident that Tech Support is doing their best to close any vulnerabilities and restore backups. We all need to be patient. Bill, thanks for the update.
  17. That's right, Steven, the servers are up, . No worries, the gurus were on it before I submitted a ticket. TCH will get it fixed -- they always do.
  18. I have sites on Columbus and Ft Worth, both servers affected. Ticket submitted.
  19. I realize that this is an old thread, but since I am finally getting around to experimenting with the HTML5 video element, I thought that I would add my comments here instead of starting a new topic. I did some testing this weekend, and finally got it to work in all browsers with a fallback flash version for browsers that don't support HTML5 video. The video was originally in .avi format, and in converting it to the various formats used by the different browsers, I had to experiment with different codecs in order to make it all work. Here is a link to the page with my HTML5 video test. my html5 video test
  20. Holy Crap! what a nightmare. Bill, I'm glad that you put the word out so quickly that it is a scam. I got two emails this morning, and if you want them forwarded to TCH, please let me know. Neither do I.
  21. OJB -- That's what I thought, but after switching one of my sites over to 5.3, I ran phpinfo(), and saw that it was on. So, apparently it must be turned on in the php.ini of the server.
  22. Bala -- thanks for the information. I'll plan accordingly as I migrate my sites to 5.3. Robbo -- thank you for the advice. I had tried that too, and saw the same results.
  23. I really like the way in which the recent php 5.3 upgrade was done, giving us the option of continuing to run on 5.2 in order not to break scripts using functions deprecated or not supported in 5.3. However, I noticed something different about which I'd like to get some clarification. In the .htaccess file of all of my sites, I had turned register_globals off. After commenting out the "AddType application/x-httpd-php52 .php" that was inserted in all of the root .htaccess files, I see that the "<IfModule php_config> php_flag register_globals off </IfModule>" is ignored. I verified this running phpinfo() in that directory. I can disable register_globals by inserting a local php.ini file in the root directory, but I am curious as to why I cannot do this via .htaccess when I am running php 5.3. Any ideas?
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