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  1. Thomas, thank you for the notice. When I read this, I upgraded my wife's netbook (our only computer that runs Windows 7). It is nice to see Microsoft finally publish a browser that supports at least part of CSS3, and I like the new look with the more efficient use of screen space for toolbar functions. I wonder though, if IE9 will help Microsoft to be able to reclaim some of the browser market share that they have lost in the last couple of years. PC users who don't want to upgrade their operating systems beyond XP won't be able to use IE9, but they can install Firefox 4 (now at RC2) which looks remarkably like IE9!!
  2. It will probably work with folder permissions set to 755. I have a few sites with either upload folders or a cache folder that I used to have to set to 777 in order for cached files to be written into the folder or for user uploaded files to be written. Since TCH upgraded to suPHP, they all work set to 755.
  3. Happy Birthday Alex!!! I hope that it has been a great day.
  4. Thank you all very much for the birthday wishes.
  5. Yes, I used @. Seeing that it suppresses all errors, I don't really like using it, but in this case I think that it will be ok. What I am doing is using a geolocation api to get location information from the IP address of anyone visiting the site. Then I am using that information to customize some content. If the IP check fails, then the user sees the default content. I'm setting a $_SESSION parameter when the check is done so the function will only be called once per user visit. If the geolocation site is down, I didn't want error messages to appear on the page.
  6. I need some help. There is probably an easy solution for this, but I'm just not seeing it right now. I am doing a file_get_contents of a url to fill in an array variable. The program is working great, but in planning for a situation where there an error, like the url isn't available, or some other problem at the site where I am getting the information, I don't want errors to display on the page where I am using the array information. I have put in an if statement, checking for an empty array or a false return from the file_get_contents function. That will cause the script to go happily along doing something else, but when I test (by inserting an invalid url) the script works as expected, but I get warnings on the page. How can I capture the error and stop the warnings from displaying for this function?
  7. WOW!!! TCH was already the best, and now Bill made it even better! Thank you Bill.
  8. It has been a while since I have registered a new hosting account, so if my info is outdated one of the staff here can correct me. First -- register your domain name. Be sure to write down your account login information because you will need it again as soon as your hosting account is set up. Second -- sign up for your hosting account. You will need to provide the domain name of your site when you sign up. When your account application is processed, you will be sent a welcome email. Read the whole thing. In it there will be links to your hosting account cpanel, and also it will give you your nameserver addresses -- there will be two of them. Third -- log in to your domain account, get into your domain manager, and look for the nameserver icon in the menu above the domain name list. Click into that, and set your nameservers exactly as they are written in your welcome email. This is how your domain name will resolve to the location of your hosting account. Fourth -- be patient. It can take up to a couple of days for the DNS to propagate through the network. I have started a lot of sites, and usually it only takes a couple of hours, but I have seen it take a day and a half. Good luck!!! You chose a great company to host your website, and there are a lot of people who frequent this forum who will be glad to help you with any questions that you might have.
  9. I'm working on an application to detect the geographic location based on IP address, and need a good free geo location database. I need to resolve not only country, but also state and city. I realize that only a portion of the IP addresses will resolve accurately, and that is ok for the application that I am developing. I'm currently testing the free version of a DB from MaxMind, and it is ok, but I was wondering if any of you have used any others that you can recommend. Thanks, Bob
  10. To the wonderful and helpful staff at Total Choice Hosting, and to the members of this online forum who are always willing to help with answers and solutions to the technical problems that we sometimes encounter, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!
  11. Chris, I'm glad that helped. I kindof stumbled upon this a couple of months ago when I had the opposite problem that you had. I was adding some features to the one site that I have which uses php in an html file, and downloaded the files from the TCH server to put into WAMPSERVER (running PHP 5.3) on my laptop in order to develop the new functions. I chased my tail for an hour or so, perplexed by the fact that none of the php worked in WAMPSERVER. Finally, I noticed that the AddHandler line in my .htaccess file had apparently been modified during the last PHP upgrade on the server, changing it to the line referenced in the post above. In order to make it work in WAMPSERVER, I had to delete the "5". Don't you love it ... just when we think that we have a handle on some of this stuff, an obscure little oddity like this sneaks up and gives us a poke in the ribs.
  12. See if this works: AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .html
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions. I like having the log available to me since ultimately I want to correct whatever condition triggered the errors, but I still think that it would have been a cleaner implementation to place it somewhere other than the public_html root directory. But, since the servers are set up that way, I think what I will do is follow Steve's suggestion of protecting it from access via .htaccess. Thanks again, Bob
  14. Hi Thomas, I have language prefs set to English, Japanese, and Spanish, and have not seen any problems since updating to 3.6.9.
  15. I just noticed on one of my sites that there was an error log file in the public_html directory. I submitted at ticket, asking that it be placed up one level so that this information would not be publicly accessible, and was told that this was the way the server was configured to write the file into that directory. Thinking that this might have been a mistake in the way that the server was configured in the last php upgrade, I went to another site on a different server, edited a script to force an error, and saw that the error log file on that server was also put into the public html directory. Isn't this a potential security risk since a nice summary of error messages can give information about the script structure to a potential hacker? Shouldn't this file be written into a directory that is at least one level up from public_html?
  16. Here is one more item to add to the list of things to check to insure compatibility in PHP 5.3. Prior to 5.3, it was alright to omit the link identifier when using the mysql_close()function. I have PHP 5.3 installed on the WAMPSERVER on one of my computers, and I just spent a fun filled hour trying to figure out why a script that works fine on the live site ( on a TCH server ) just dies with no errors shown in the Wamp server on that computer. So, if you use mysql_close(), make sure that you use the link identifier for the connection that you want to close, instead of letting it default to the last link opened.
  17. wen_shop, About 5 years ago, I was in the same situation that you describe. At that time, I was lucky enough to land here at Total Choice Hosting. You are definitely in the right place. Just follow the advice that OJB gave you in the post above, and you'll have your forum online in no time at all, and the only $$ that you will need to pay is for your domain name and basic hosting package. Welcome to TCH, and good luck with your new site and forum.
  18. Happy Birthday Bruce!!! I hope that you had a great birthday, and thank you for all of the help and support that you provide for the community here every day.
  19. Happy Birthday Thomas!!! I hope that it was a great day.
  20. Dick, Thank you for the information. I'll keep watch on the forums for progress and/or notice of upgrade plans.
  21. What is the plan for upgrading the TCH servers to PHP 5.3.x? I'm not in any great hurry for this; the reason why I ask is because there are so many features and functions that have become deprecated in 5.3.x, I wonder how much time we have to check everything out before the upgrade. For those of you who are not aware of the details, here is a link to the list of deprecated features and functions: http://php.net/manual/en/migration53.deprecated.php
  22. Fortunately, I was a little slow to update too. I have to manually modify a couple of custom style templates, so it always takes me a few days to respond when a new phpBB release is announced. The automatic update package for 3.0.6 to 3.0.7(PL1) worked really well. I have a heavily modified board, and all the code changes merged without conflict.
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