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  1. Hi everybody, First of all thanks a lot for the many times you have helped me Well, let´s see if you can give me a hand with this. In three weeks time I will have to be fighting for a job in a Spanish school. I will have to be doing an exam and exposing my didactic programming and I have created a primary teaching resources website which I will be using to complement an oral exposition: www.primaryteachingresources.net The problem is that I don´t really want to depend on having an internet connection. These exams only take place once every two years and I don´t want to be in the middle of my exposition and lose my internet connection. The question is: Can I make the site work from my computer without having an internet connection? If so...could you please give some basic guidelines on how to do it? Thanks a lot in advance! Iván
  2. Hi, My website is not working anymore. I don´t know why. The url is: www.pedaldoc.com Could you please give me a hand with this? Thanks, Iván
  3. Hi, Sorry I couldn´t answer yesterday, but I was far too busy. I have included the classes as adviced and the site works fine in IE7 and IE8. It looks horrible in IE6, but should I really worry about such and old browser? The number of users of IE6 are dropping day by day... A problem. As said the site works fine in IE7 and IE8 but the menu doesn´t work ok in firefox. It doesn´t show the user in which page it is, as all the text in the menu is always the same colour. Why does this happen? I have already cleaned the cache. Thanks a lot in advance. Iván
  4. It does work fine. Thanks a lot. Could I ask a last question? In IE7 when you go to 5-6ºE.P.O (button in the menu) both that button and the 1º-2ºE.P.O button appear highlighted. Why is that? I really thank you. People like you make the net a great place. Thanks a lot, Iván
  5. There it goes: http://www.primaryteachingresources.net/te.../unaprueba.html Thanks a lot, Iván
  6. Thank you. I am learning so much thanks to you guys. Well, I have tried it and it works in IE7 but not in Firefox. In Firefox all the text in the menu appears highlighted. Why can that may be? I really thank you in advance. Iván
  7. Hi, The tag is called lis because I couldn´t find any other way of marking the home button to show the user in which page he is. It works fine in firefox...but just in firefox. It there any other way of doing it? I mean, highlighting the home button so the user knows he or she is in the home page? Thanks, Iván
  8. Hi everybody! First of all thanks a lot for all the help you have given me in other occasions. Could you please give me a hand with this too? I am building the following website: www.primaryteachingresources.net which basically is a website of totally free resources for primary school teachers. My problem: In IE7 all the pages look ok but the home page, in which the menu looks much smaller and really weird. Also, when I go to 5º-6º E.P.O page (in the menu) the button for that page is highlighted but also the button for the 1-2º E.P.O page. Why does this happen? Well, if you have any other suggestions to make the site look and work better I will very gradly hear them. Thanks a lot, Iván
  9. Hi, First of all thanks a lot to everyone of you for the help you have given me other times. Could you please give a hand with this too? I would like to add sound to the index page of my website. Something like in this website: http://www.mundopeque.com/ Is that very difficult to do? Could you explain me how to do it or point me to some place where it is explained? Thanks a lot in advance, Ivánmax
  10. Hi, Please check that tool. It is great to see your site in different browsers: http://browsershots.org/ Hope you like it, Regards, Iván
  11. Hi, Sorry, forgot the link: http://www.primaryteachingresources.net/te...es/html/xx.html
  12. Hi, Thanks a lot. That´s is exactly how the site looks in the old computer at my uni. I suppose it has IE7 o IE8 installed. Well, I have tried to install these browsers in my computer to no avail. I have however corrected all the CSS and HTML errors. Now the page has no errors at all according to the validators. Could somebody how has IE7 or IE8 look in their computers? This is driving me mad. Aren´t these new browsers supposed to support at least the same as the previous ones? Also, could somebody tell me why there is a huge black gap at the botton of the page? Well, getting nearer I suppose. I will keep on trying for a few days. If I can´t make this work properly I will go for a fixed design. Thanks to all of you. Iván
  13. Yes, I have to check that thing about the black line. I think actually the pic goes down too much at 800x600 but I don´t really know why. Well, thanks a lot, Iván
  14. Sorry, that is the link to the site: http://www.primaryteachingresources....l/trying4.html And that is how it is supposed to look: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22338638@N06/3444438404/ Does it look like that in your screen? Thanks a lot, Iván
  15. Well, I have worked more on the liquid layout and have tried it in about 6 different monitors (3 I got at home and three more at my university).: http://www.primaryteachingresources.net/te...ml/trying4.html It works perfectly fine in all of them except in one of the old monitors at university, where the upper stripe (the one that contains the "primary teaching..." text and the image) looks much bigger than the 130 px I gave it. Could you please tell me if the site looks ok in your screen? I have designed for 1024x768 and to be honest haven´t care about those who use a 800x600 resolution, as I don´t think there are anybody still using that resolution in my country. The site I am building is destined to be used by bilingual English-Spanish teachers in Spain. I would really appreciate it if you let me know how the site looks in your screen. Thanks in advance. Iván
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