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  1. Someone say "free beer"?? Andy still owes me a pint so I'll take whatever you're offering too.
  2. Thanks for the quick notice Carl. Triggered our sensors 3 minutes ago .
  3. Bill, we'll take that last one if you still gotz it.
  4. Vivek, Sorry bud, only joking with Jesse.
  5. Apache2 - yummy! You guys should enable "mod_nerd" asap.
  6. Soholaunch offers a free version out of the box. If you want the addon modules (calendar, news letter, etc.) then you need the full license.
  7. TCH's ticket system is located at https://ssl.totalchoicehosting.com/supportdesk/.
  8. Just for some FYI - cPanel is notorious for dorking up mail quotas. It can be corrected by TCH. You might also want to check to see if you have a spam folder that might be full (sometimes you might not be subscribed to this folder by default).
  9. open_basedir (a module to protect from some php vulnerabilities) is refusing the script to execute. You'll notice that "/home/deanb/public_html/gallery2/index.php" is a completely different path than where the script is executing from "/home/batbkpfm/". open_basedir prevents exactly that (users executing files outside of their home folder). Did you install into an add-on domain? You might need to have TCH remove open_basedir protection for the domain with gallery2 installed as open_basedir cannot be turned off via an htaccess file.
  10. Yes, I agree 100% as I'm a customer myself, not TCH staff - apparently the "TCH" prefixes in the staffs user names don't give it away. I commented in hopes to provide you another perspective (this is a discussion forum right?). Sorry you didn't see it that way.
  11. Dorsey, just some comments on some of your items... Sorry, you are 100% wrong here. TCH is no where near the cheapest and IMO, you can't find another host out there offering the one-on-one attention ALL of the TCH staff provide. Granted you can't avoid typical run of the mill support issues, but it's the fact that the staff are readily available to get resolutions started. This is GOLD to any customer. I'm going to assume you have a managed server? So with that, would you rather they fix security holes ASAP (which in turn protects the rest of their network and customers), or get your permission and wait on you to fix insecure/non compliant scripts? Personally, I vote option one since I'm possibly the other guy with boxes on the same network. I think it's ridiculous to criticize any admin for being PROACTIVE and protecting customers. TCH seems to be doing what they were payed to do here even if they are plugging security holes before they tell you. And what better way to get the answers you seek on the problems than to have a handful of support staff that you can PERSONALLY speak with? Yep, I'll take a few smart dudes over 50 slugs anyday. Simple (and this isn't meant to be condescending), if you need more control over the admin side of the house, DO IT YOURSELF. TCH is managing your boxes, not employing your own personal admins. Go ahead and take your '>25 years' and do your own admin work and simply leverage TCH against things you can't do.
  12. I ran across a tutorial on how to utilize Coral from 'most' PHP-driven websites and thought I'd share the links. Either way, I'll let you all judge for yourselves: The Coral Content Distribution Network Use a mirror for hits from popular websites
  13. The DirectoryIndex entry is correct but I would check the capitalization of the file name. Linux is case sensitive (assuming you're on a Linux box). This is a good reason to use lowercase filenames when publishing a site. If that all checks out, check the log file in cpanel to see what it has to say. Also, try setting up the redirect from within your cpanel and see how you make out.
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