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  1. As part of our commitment to maintaining our servers with the latest technologies available, we have developed an implementation of PHP 5.3 that also allows full retention of PHP 5.2 support. The deployment will make PHP 5.3 the servers default PHP handler and a simple htaccess option is available that provides the ability to revert to PHP 5.2. However, in the interest of avoiding likely issues of sites breaking due to incompatibilities with PHP 5.3, what we will be doing is setting the htaccess option on all sites to force PHP 5.2 usage, which will effectively mean nothing will have chang
  2. This afternoon at roughly 4:00PM EST the TCH network began receiving an inbound DDoS attack that measured in the order of 600mbit, the larger factor of this attack was not so much the amount of traffic as the amount of packets, upward of 700,000 packets per second. The traffic combined with excessively high rate of packet flow created a crippling situation on our network edge that required considerable effort to source the target of the attack, isolate the attackers/target and then mitigate the attack off our network. At the moment the attack is currently still ongoing however it is being
  3. Jason, You are correct indeed in what your friend tells you, to a very limited extent. The Apache Web Server version 2.2.16 does have three notable low-impact vulnerabilities, however I will explain why and how they do not apply to our servers. The first two are vulnerabilities CVE-2009-3720 and CVE-2009-3560 are issues are specific in a certain apache feature, the threading option MPM Worker which TCH does not use, we use MPM Prefork for threading on TCH web servers thus mitigating these two vulnerabilities right off, in other words, they do not at all apply to us. Finally, the vulnera
  4. I have tested this module personally and though it provides some very nice benefits on a per site basis, it has some serious draw backs on what it does to a server as a whole. The first is that it increases the servers i/o through heavy caching of modified page content, though this is one-time disk writes, it is nevertheless another cache path that needs to be maintained on the server and will receive lots of writes with dynamic content. Further, the module also increases CPU usage through heavy optimization/compression of images, js scripts and static pages, which though provides good benefit
  5. The failed switch has been corrected and the affected subnet is now back online, we apologize for the clear inconvenience this has caused and thank everyone for their patience.
  6. We are currently aware of and investigating a switch failure on our network that is affecting the subnet. We ask for your continued patience while this matter is further investigated, an update will be posted as soon as possible, thank you.
  7. If you go ahead and check the website now you should find that the error is now gone. I have set the configure.php file chmod 444 for you, since your user still does own the file you can at anytime set the file as 644 if you need to edit it, this can be done with most FTP applications without much fuss. If you require further assistance on this matter, please feel free to open a help desk ticket at https://www.tchhelp.com and we will be glad to assist.
  8. Our conversion process expects that htaccess files will not already have <IfModule php_config> elements in it, these will be added for existing php_flag/php_value options in htaccess files so adding these in advance will create unforeseen problems, so I would discourage it strongly. Permissions are handled during the conversion process, any files/paths owned by user nobody will be set as the account user and any world writable (777) files/paths will be set to 644/755 as standard.
  9. Though we would rather see .htaccess files used to configure PHP, we do fully support the use of php.ini files on suPHP servers.
  10. We have in place a conversion process that will take any existing php_flag/php_value options from htaccess files and wrap them in the <IfModule php_config> element tag, this allows for a seamless migration and avoids any errors. Specifically though, once a server is migrated to suPHP, without the element tag surrounding the php_flag/php_value options, the site will throw error 500 pages which is why we are putting so much time and effort into ensuring that our conversion process for .htaccess files is one that is reliable and consistent.
  11. This morning at aprox. 2:40AM EST, our edge router suffered a failure in one of its gigabit line cards which serves traffic to our rack mounted distribution switches. The issue was quickly identified and the line card power cycled in an attempt to recover it. Though this did work and we restored service to the line card with roughly 10 minutes of downtime, it quickly became apparent there was a series of errors coming off the card indicating that another failure was possible if not highly likely. After some preparation, at 3:30AM EST we removed the line card exhibiting issues and replaced it w
  12. Thank you for your input cbutler, at this moment we have no intention to push on php 5.3. It is on our agenda for things to explore and we do intend to get there eventually but there is no clear need or demand for it at this time, till that changes or a security issue emerges that compels us otherwise, we will likely remain on the 5.2.x stable tree. When we do upgrade, everyone will be given plenty of notice through the forums along with a road-map of what servers will be upgraded with specific dates, allowing everyone to transition as seamless as possible.
  13. Network maintenance concluded on schedule and new hardware on our network edge is operating stable. We apologize for the delayed follow-up but we wanted to make sure everything was performing as it should have been before any final updates were made.
  14. We will be conducting network maintenance on the evening of Tues, February the 16th between the hours of 10 to 11PM EST (-0500), this maintenance will be the final in a series of fail over tests to validate new network hardware at our network edge. We do not expect any substantial down time from this testing however a 5-10 minute outage window is likely, we will provide further updates as the tests are underway. Additionally, we will be upgrading our backup2 server from 500gb hard disks to 1tb, bringing the raid 6 array size up to 12tb. This upgrade will have no service impact on any users
  15. The maintenance has concluded with no issues and no adverse down time, we thank everyone for there patience.
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