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  1. thanks Bruce i think I will pursue this on the grounds that if I had signed up I consider that I would I would have fallen foul of the "small print" from their website. This i can not see as being fair and equitable in any court. In the event of having to pursue this in the US could anyone advise me of where to go pls? Thanks
  2. Thanks Steve I have dozens of .co.uk and have to date never come across this before with any of them (even though all are registered with my full contact details). Given that it has existed for years I take it that it is legal then? I am considering whether or not to contact my local tradings standards office in the uk but think they will fob me off and pass the buck given that the company is not uk based although the return envelope has a uk address
  3. just went to their site and they CLAIM to offer 5gb of space and 100 emails addresses with the registration for as long as you stay with them. I though I would pretend to reister a random series of letters.com only to discover that that charge for pop mail boxes!!!! on top of that it looks as though you have to pay a surcharge if you have less than two years left till you need to renew with them. Does this mean that if you take up their offer but go for less than two years you are liable? "All domain names registered, renewed, or transferred with $$$$ after March 1st 2007 at $$$$'s re
  4. Hi all I have posted this as a new thread even though I have noticed a thread just below regarding wider registration issues. If this has been covered then sorry. i received a letter yesterday from a company posted from NY reminding me that my .com, registered at the same time I opened my reseller acc here, was due for renewal. On reading it my eye was drawn to the nice blue boxes on the page that covered the costs and then the bit where I put my cc and sign. Had it not been for the fact that prices (£) are even higher than the UK then i probably would not have read it more
  5. Fro what I have just read in the above posts it is evident that Don was extremely popular, and thus greatly missed. Although he had helped me on a couple of occasions I was not privileged enough to know him sufficiently to call him a friend. That was my loss. His passing is all of our loss. To his friends and family- my deepest sympathy.
  6. hi all the tchstatus.com site is down also wondering if you need to update the name servers for domain names registered with other reg.s when you guys moved us from server373 to palpatine? only asking as only one of my client's sites is timing out. all the others are fine. have raised a ticket but not sure if the response here might be faster. client grumpy and i am on site with out my laptop(read:passwords). there's a moral there somewhere... ta daryl
  7. thanks bruce. will do- sorry wasn't sure where to look as the daily uptime report showed nothing. From your link i can now see the reason for the brief downtime. Am now subscribed and hopefully wont need to ask silly questions again. cheers
  8. Hi all Wasn't sure where to post this, hence it's here. Got a phone call earlier from a client to tell me that the site I am building for him was not accessible (about 12 hours from this posting- sorry uk based so i get muddled when playing with US time). From what he tells me it was down for at least 30 mins but might have been longer. How can I check retrospectively??? Also confused about the fact that my reseller acc is on server 373 but in his c-panel it says palpatine, is this normal? Thanks in advance and a further tahnks for the service that i have received thus
  9. you are quite correct. thanks for the pointer. will deal with it when i get back later. cheers daryl
  10. hi there just created an account http://www.iforgottosay.com/~deanb in whm haven't got round to pointing the url at the name servers yet. went into the new account as root in cpanel and uploaded gallery2, then extracted it. once extracted i went to the directory and discovered that it just spews code at me so i decided to have a butchers at fantastico. "Fantastico is unable to connect to your MySQL server at this time. Please contact your host for assistance." Are the two related or are there certain things that you can't doo as root. Cheers daryl
  11. thanks Mike didn't realise that it is that easy. assumed that i would need : or, or ; ta
  12. you're right- what a donkey i am. i forgot that the domain name wasn't registered through tch. so even though the site hosting worked the mail didn't sorry... by the way is it possible in cpanel to forward an email to more than one recipient? thanks again
  13. Hi all, having a problem with the mail servers on one of my domains. mail forwarding/ webmail works but i can't access mail via outlook- can't find mail.bichonhotel.co.uk nor can i ping it. still relatively new to whm and had assumed that it would auto set the mx records. initially mail 14400 cname bichonhotel.co.uk. bichonhotel.co.uk. 14400 mx 0 bichonhotel.co.uk so i changed that to mail 14400 a bichonhotel.co.uk 14400 mx 10 mail.bichonhotel.co.uk. what am i doing wrong???? thanks in advance.
  14. thanks Andy, Started cleaning them up. naively hadn't realised that although dreamweaver defaults to transitional xhtml doc type, the code snippets that it generates is not compliant. resolved the initial problem by removing center from the tables with css. now i have to eliminate the problem of using input in forms..... oh well it keeps me off the streets. ta
  15. Hi all, I have an intermittent problem that i have only noticed post migrating to your servers from the UK. When i load http://www.paradise-cove.co.uk/photos.htm I sometimes find that the container shifts to the very bottom of the page such that only the top of the scroll bar is visible. A window resize resolves the problem... i didn't notice this prior to migration but cannot see how this can be the issue. I guess ie doesn't like my css- firefox is happy. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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